Stop Procrastination – Take Action Now and Succeed

It is magnificent to love what you do, stop procrastinating and take action now so you can be a success.

People tend to like to plan, to create plans to design solutions to problems and situations. I have a friend who has been planning a business for the entire ten years that I know her. [...]

Succeed in Business by Copying What Works

It is thrilling to succeed in business by copying what works.

There are a myriad of ways to succeed at running your own business including the following: make good use of social media find new sales techniques keep up with practices in the industry One thing to add to that list is copy what works. [...]

How to Succeed at Work – Respect Those in Authority

It is wonderful to succeed at work by respecting those in authority. Many people are at work complaining about how much they hate the supervisor, how stupid the boss is and how no one running the company has a good idea about anything. For these people respect for those in authority is a foreign concept. [...]

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