If You Learn It, Prove It, Use It


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It is thrilling to realize that when you actually learn something, you put it to use. Recently, while doing some self-reflection, I wrote a list of things I learned while running my own business. It was an interesting list and included the following items:

• I dream and I dream big
• I TAN aka take action now and when I do I succeed
• I set goals I push to past them
• I want to see others succeed

I have never believed the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Quite to the contrary, I believe you can learn something new every day if you try. Continue reading →

Take Action Now – What I Learned When I Started to TAN

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It is magnificent to know that if you take action now you can be successful and learn some things in the process. The philosophy behind the “take action now” idea is that in order to get something done, to succeed at the plan you have set for yourself, you must take action and take that action now. There is no profit to be gained from planning act, planning to act and planning to act unless eventually you put some action to the plans. Without action, without putting in some actual work, plans are not worth a while lot.

No matter how grand and wonderful your plans, no matter how well researched or how likely they are to succeed, you will never succeed until you take action, and take action now. Continue reading →

Take Action Now – What I Learned From My Accountability Group

www.janeanesworld.com take action now with acountability groups.


I am a big believer in the idea of TAN aka Take Action Now. Good things in life happen when we go from planning and dreaming to taking action now. Some people are self motivated and can take action now all on their own by the sheer force of their own will. Other people take action now best when they have the peer pressure of an accountability group behind them. Of course, there are still others who are a combination of the two. For the past year, I have been TANning with accountability groups and it has been a good thing and I have learned a great deal. Continue reading →