Take Action Now – Your Success Is In Your Hands

take action now in order to succeed

It is magnificent to take action now because the reward for the action is your success. I am a big proponent of TAN aka Take Action Now. I like to take action now because taking action now leads to success and accomplishment while inaction leads to failure, lack of confidence and regret. Today should be the day you take action now to do what needs doing because the key to success is in your hands.

Success is commonly defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In other words, success happens when we complete what we set out to do. The key to that is completing the action. The key to completing the action is actually taking action now. Today is the day to stop planning, stop plotting and stop dreaming. Today is the day to start moving, start checking items off the to-do list and start succeeding.Sometimes, people are afraid of success. They are afraid because have been living a certain way for such a long time that the idea of succeeding at something is scary because it is new, it is different and it is important. It is an interesting paradox because these people want success at the same time they are refusing to take action now to get to that success. Continue reading →

Make Your Business Successful – Work According To A Plan

It is thrilling to make your business successful by working according to a plan. ¬†Almost everyone has heard the expressions, “prepare for war in the time of peace” and “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Both these expressions, are a perfect ways to describe how you should work for the success of your business. No matter what the business type, from a small mom blog to a Fortune 500 company, in order to be successful, a business has to operate according to a plan. Even an entrepreneur who is planning for a less sophisticated business, one woman, part-time operation should prepare a business plan.



The difference is the more sophisticated the business enterprise, the more in-depth the answers will be. Continue reading →

Get a Loving Attitude Toward Your Work – Have Some Pride

It is wonderful to develop a loving attitude toward your work and having some pride in what you do. In my opinion, a good place to work is anyplace that pays a fair wage for a fair amount of labor. Based upon that definition, there are good places to work in almost every industry and almost every person has the ability to work for a good employer. Your job and how it is viewed is determined by you. It is important to have a sense of pride about the work that you do in order to have the right mental attitude toward your work.
photo credit: Bunches and Bits {Karina} via photopin <a

photo credit: Bunches and Bits {Karina} via photopin <a

Pride is often defined as a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance or merit and is seen in the way one carries oneself or the attitude a person possesses. Continue reading →