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  1. I know a lot of folks that would benefit from having someone to hold them accountable. For me, I think I would just get annoyed with people checking in on me 😉 I produce the best work when I’m procrastinating!

  2. I would definitely benefit form something like this. 2014 is going to be my diet year and boy am I accountable for how fat I got this year.

  3. Hi Jeaneane,

    I have never heard of an accountability group before. I have heard of surrounding yourself with friends and peers who can help to keep you accountable in a positive way. Not in the form of an organized ‘group’, but just a general ‘take notice’ of who you surround yourself with. I need someone to help me be accountable. I will talk to my husband and see if that is something we can commit to doing more for each other without feeling like the other is hounding them 🙂

    Great tips. Thank you.

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  4. I definitely need to be held accountable to get things done a lot of the time!

  5. I always learn something new from your blog and thank you so much. It is always nice to have that kind of support in taking action for the future.

  6. I have only worked with one person where we actually complimented each other for tasks, he was strong where I was weak and vice versa. It was nice. Most people do not take accountability for anything they do wrong and honestly that is when I lose respect for people and no longer want to work with them – if there are two, one messes up and does not admit it,who gets blamed?

  7. I am happy that I belong to some groups in Facebook and that we share common goals and it is where I can express my feelings and views and they help me grow. For me, I think I should focus more on expanding my blogs and yet still being able to balance family life, work and blogging.

  8. Accountability, in general, is something a lot more people need to realize they need to have and accept. You really are powerless until you learn your roll in things – everything doesn’t just happen *to* you.

  9. Yes! I am a believer of TAN too. That’s one thing that my husband and I argue sometimes because he has “tomorrow attitude” I have to nag him to do something “today and not tomorrow”

  10. I have a wonderful group of two other ladies that you can say are my accountability group. I learn SO much from them!

  11. I belong to a couple of groups like this. You are so right, it really does keep you working towards your goals when you know someone else is behind you cheering you on.

  12. I need to find an accountability group for my blogging, but I would also like to have one for fitness. I have been involved with them before and they really help keep you on track to meet your goals.

  13. I really need to become more accountable in my blogging and the fiction writing I’d like to start doing. I need to find a good group for both!

  14. I need an accountability group in every aspect of my life. i use to be very motivated but nursing school has sucked me dry. I have to keep these in mind when I get a life again.

  15. There are so many great ways to incorporate an accountability group or partner. We were just talking about this in our Sunday School class!

  16. I agree. It is great to have an accountability partner or group especially when you are going through something difficult.

  17. I should join an accountability group too!! One focused on fitness because even though I dream of starting running it just hasn’t happened yet…I need that extra push (and kick on the butt) to start running!

  18. Love this post on accountability! Groups make it easy to stay on task and collaborate on ideas. I pinned this to my boards and am following you on Pinterest!

  19. My husband keeps me accountable. I mentioned in October that I was thinking about making my own jewellery on the side and at the end of last month, he asked me whether I was going to actually do it instead of just dreaming. It’s quite good to have him there to push me in the right direction,even if I’m just thinking about something at the moment and still weighing up the pros and cons. I’ve tried an accountability buddy but I just find so much gets in the way, that I need to work at my own pace and in my own time. I think we all find something that works best for us.

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