It is fantastic to know for many business owners, teamwork really does make the dream work. Last week a few bloggers/business owners and I got together to do a $100 giveaway to one of our readers. The idea behind the giveaway was that a small amount of money can make a small dream come true or be the first step towards accomplishing a big dream. We worked together to fund and host the giveaway. Let me give you the names and blogs of the women who showed such teamwork in helping someone else’s dream work.


We are seven women who write seven different blogs, have seven different types of businesses and live seven different lives. However, we were brought together by Val Boaten suggesting it would be a great idea to do a giveaway. Other members of the group came up with the dream theme. Still another member had expertise in giveaways. Another member knew about publicity and getting attention. Yet another member is an awesome graphic designer and did the graphics work for us. By using teamwork, we were able to make the dream work for us and for our winner, Richelle B.

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During the course of this giveaway, we learned things about ourselves, our readers and each other. It was indeed a wonderful thing. Business owners including bloggers often think that they must do everything on their own. It is important to understand that just because you physically work alone, you don’t have to do everything alone. Teamwork does take place and should take place among business owners to accomplish good and wonderful things. For example, many office supplies are less expensive if purchased in bulk. It may be cost prohibitive for your office to buy paper a case at a time, but if you join in with two or three other offices in your office complex all of you can purchase paper at a cheaper price. Teamwork will make your dream of operating our business more cost effectively come true.

These sharing arrangements can also work with employees, designers and even office coverage. When I ran my law practice I had a friend who was also an attorney we would help each other out and go to court for each other. We didn’t charge each other, we just covered for each other when necessary. This meant that I could take care of two clients at a time or that she could work on one thing confident in the knowledge that her client would be helped. Teamwork made it possible for both of us to work smarter, instead of just harder. Look at your business and how you do things, is there a person you can team with? Is there someone you can join forces with so that teamwork will make the dream work for both of you?

In conclusion, it is fantastic to know for many business owners, teamwork really does make the dream work. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how can you harness the power of teamwork in your business?


Teamwork Can Make the Dream Work for Your Business — 34 Comments

  1. Yes,I often look back and think that If I had worked on my goals as a team with my spouse we/I may be so much closer to reaching my/our dream.

  2. It is a great thing to work in a team. You’re also not as stressed because you have people to turn to! Goals that might have seemed out of reach become reality.

    This weekend I worked with a handful of people to make a wedding proposal a happen for some friends. It was a great experience and she said yes!

  3. I totally LOVE this idea! And I have gotten so much better over the past year by working with not in competition with one another!! I love your perspective!!

  4. Your article is indeed great to get ideas about team work, this can be applied to a big amount of workers too, if they work together indeed that they will have their job done fast and company as well as customers are also happier to know the fast phase.

  5. This is a great reminder of the importance if teamwork. It makes good sense in many ways, both for the individuals and the organization. Great post.

  6. I always like to branch out and collaborate with people who are not in my immediate circles and of different backgrounds.

  7. Team work so so important in any type of job. I think the past 3 years of blogging and being a small biz owner have taught me even more about the value of it! I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the awesome people that I support and that support me in return 🙂

  8. You are 100% right. Teamwork makes any business work more efficiently. Every business could benefit from this concept. Even my small blog works better when my employees (aka my family) work as a team.

  9. I so agree! I believe in the saying “No man is an island” that means we can’t find success without someone’s help. Teamwork is indeed important.

  10. I often feel like I have to do it all. Lately I realize I need some help and team work. You always have great ideas and reminders.

  11. Teamwork is important with work and family. AS a blogger I need /try to be involved with other bloggers and helping each other out. It’s been s good time so far.

  12. I totally feel you. I met some amazing bloggers the first year I went to a conference and since then, not only do we catch up often, we also help each other, promote each other and work together often. I love it

  13. Teamwork is very important, the last job I had I worked with a guy that he and I were the perfect working team. We both excelled where the other was weak so it balanced out perfectly.

  14. I use teamwork constantly in my job. I’m working with families trying to give them the suport they need to be successful in our school. Without the team to back me up, it’d be a job I wouldn’t want to take on.

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