job search a chance to do sometihing new

job search a chance to do sometihing new


It is wonderful to look at the job search as an opportunity to try something new. Often when people are looking for work, they put one foot in front of the other and do the same thing over and over day after day. Instead, look at the job search as an opportunity to do thing a little differently. If you have been looking for a job without success for an extended period of time. Take today as an opportunity to do things a little differently. Look for work in a different industry or in a different position. When you are on a job search, look in different places.

Almost everyone has heard the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I disagree with that expression whole-heartedly. I think you can learn something new every day if you try. This attitude should be applied to the job search. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a job in your industry or at the position you are used to working. At those times you can either remain unemployed or you can shake things up and look at your job search as a chance to do something new.

Circumstances may require you to take a job you do not want or to work in an industry not to your liking. Do not be dismayed by this idea. A new industry or a new position may give you the skills, knowledge and experience that will help you when you get back to the industry and position you desire. If you are a person who works because you need the money, time in a different industry or at a different position is not time wasted. It is time well spent if you take the time to gain new knowledge, new experiences and new connections. This is a benefit you can get from being on a job search.

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Keep in mind the fact that while you are on a job search, it is a good time to choose to move in a new direction. If there is a particular company, industry or position you always wanted to do, but never did, this is the time to try it. Look at the kind of people who work in your desired industry at your desired position. If you do not have the skills and experience needed to take the time now to do something new, go get the skills and experience you need. The job search is exciting because it is a chance to do new things!

In conclusion, it is wonderful to look at the job search as an opportunity to try something new. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what are you going to do new today in your job search?


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  1. i seemed to always have a job in a completely different field from the last one. I loved learning about so many new jobs and grew from each one.

  2. You always have some great encouraging posts! Thanks for the boost….I needed that!

  3. I’m not even looking for a job, but I do always look. I agree you may not always want what you see, but something is usually better than nothing. Theres always a positive.

  4. Thank you for the positive vibes. I am not in search of a job outside home too nor my husband (he has loved his work for many years) but your words of inspiration gives hope of what future might hold. It may be hard to find a job but hey, it gives one a chance to explore skills and expertise.

  5. You are always so positive. This is a great way to look at a job search. We need to always keep an open mind, you never know what the future may hold.

  6. Very well said. Even now, I still think of endless possibilities if ever I live in a bigger city. But my husband prefers to stay where we live. So no choice.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Job searching can be difficult but it can also be a chance to try something completely different.

  8. What a great reminder and attitude I can only image job searching can at times be so disheartening x

  9. Job search engines really helps a lot in finding so many job opportunities online. It is easier to look for an job nowadays than the olden days.

  10. I love this positive look at what is often a very discouraging and stressful time. I’ve read a lot of stories from people who said that looking in a new direction during a job search was such a blessing to them.

  11. I never really thought about doing a job search. I’m quite content to just stay where I am. But the husband on the other hand, will be needing to do some job searches soon as he is nearing the end of his Degree.

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