This Thanksgiving – Thankful For My Husband thankful for my husband


At Thanksgiving time, people all over America are listing all the things for which they are thankful. I am joining that group and stating that I am thankful today, as I am everyday for my husband Darren. I met him when I was a pretty young girl of 19. All these years later, I am a pretty older thing at 46 and adore my husband who has been my best friend and my husband for the past 23 years.  I am thankful for Darren for many reasons. One is because he used the best pickup line ever when he introduced himself to me back in college. I shared this story in a previous article,  part of which I will quote here:


The Communist Manifesto is one of my    favorite  books because when I was reading it as part of my college honor’s program I met   my husband. I was sitting in a lounge area reading the book when my husband walked up  to me and said what to this date is the best pick up line ever, “Karl Marx was an idiot.”   Click here to read the rest of this sweet story. 






I fell in love with Darren that day and had visions about us hopping a plane to Vegas and Getting married. I didn’t care that we were both dating other people. Darren was a little slower than I and we remained strictly friends for two years. We dated for two years and then we got married, then 23 years went by and arrived at today.  I am thankful that he thought Marx was an idiot. I am thankful that he gave me the gift of his friendship. I am thankful he shared his life with me.

There are always stories and controversies about the demise of marriage and saying that women are nothing without husbands or that husbands are no longer needed. I don’t get involved with all those conversations. I love my husband, I am thankful for him. I am thankful for the life God has blessed us to live. So this Thanksgiving, as I am every day, I am thankful for my husband.

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