JDA Tip #5 Update your technology as needed to remain productive.

This article is part 5 of a 20 part series of business tips from James, Davis and Associates. These tips are designed to help you do better in business. If you would rather read all the tips at one time, you may click here to purchase a beautiful full-color ebook that containing all twenty tips.


There are advances in technology almost every day. Once upon a time business correspondence was done by telegraph. Then came snail mail with United States Postal Service, then faxes, then email. Today many types of business correspondence happen via text message or even social media channels. While you may enjoy the ease of use, features, advantages, and benefits of the old means of technology, do not allow that comfort to keep you from improving your technology and advancements are made. Do not unnecessarily sacrifice productivity for comfort.


Another change and modern technology is the computing speed that is available to you the average entrepreneur. Today, by using a cell phone, in the palm of her hands, an entrepreneur often has more computing power in the palm of her hand than our predecessors had at a desktop computer just 10 years ago. While it is nice to say that one is still using the same computer she purchased five or even 10 years ago, the fact of the matter is that changes in computer software demand more computing power and more computer speed than was ever imagined just a short time ago.


For example 10 years ago America online and its dial-up internet service was popular across the United States. It was common for entrepreneurs who are trying to connect to the internet to hear the dial-up connection dial the number, hear the phone ring, and then hear the connection internet buzzing in the background. With today’s technology, entrepreneurs expect to be instantly connected to the internet. If you quit it you’re using is still at dial-up speed, you are losing time and opportunity costs are increased.





Tablet PC devices are another change in modern computing technology. It is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs traveling and doing presentations with tablet devices instead of being heavier and both of your laptop and notebook computers for the past. Changes like these happen in almost every industry. Curling irons and straightening comes. Today they have options to use electricity rechargeable batteries and other options that make it easier for them to do their jobs safer, faster, and more efficiently.


If an entrepreneur reads industry publications on a regular basis, networks with other entrepreneurs, and has a practice of always learning about their industry will always hear about changes in technology when it comes to their industries.  Keep in mind that just because you learn what technological advances have been made, doesn’t mean you immediately have to go out and purchase the new and upcoming technology. Instead, keep abreast of technology and make purchases when your business plan says such purchases are prudent. No matter what your industry is, pay attention to changes in technology so that you can have the best technology possible to do your job.



The following is the complete list of 20 Business Tips from James, Davis and Associates.  Click here to be directed to a page where you will be able to purchase an ebook containing the entire  20 tips. 


  1. Create a plan to keep your business going if you get sick.
  2. Pay attention to where the money comes from for your business.
  3. Read, review, and revise your business plan on a regular basis.
  4. ABL –  Always Be Learning better ways to run your business.
  5. Update your technology as needed to remain productive.
  6. Update employee manuals to include job descriptions.
  7. Look for ways for your business to contribute to the community.
  8. Participate in career days at local middle and high schools.
  9. Communicate with fellow entrepreneurs on a regular basis.
  10. Never forget your business is a role model for other entrepreneurs.
  11. Make sure your business looks inviting and not chaotic.
  12. Clients will look for you on social media so put your best foot forward there.
  13. Do not dismiss customer complaints without objectively seeing if they are valid.
  14. Look for ways to improve customer service.
  15. Pay employees a fair wage and expect good quality work.
  16. Make sure you know every job needed in your business.
  17. Look for ways to give your employees rewards for increased productivity.
  18. Make sure the posts on your social media channels help your business.
  19. Obey all the relevant local, state, and federal laws.
  20. In business be old-fashioned, let your word be your bond.