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  1. I do agree with you, technology helps us to make our things easier, quicker but we shouldn’t rely everything into technology for it makes us human become more nonfunctional.

  2. The advancement of technology has disadvantages and advantages too. But for the most part, technology does indeed makes our work a lot easier.

  3. I am a technology junkie. At this point, if I didnt have it I am not sure what I would do. I rely on it for just about every aspect of my life.

  4. Technology helps me be more productive because with the help of my devices, I can work from anywhere. I still use a pen and paper from time to time because apps don’t always work when I want them to.

  5. It’s amazing how much technology is available. I’ve never heard about the transcribe message for your voice mail. Cool!

  6. Up until earlier this year I was very technologically inept. I am still learning how to best organize my tasks using computers, smart phones, and anything I can figure out how to maneuver. Great tips.

  7. Technology is great, but can also be very frustrating. It seems every time I figure it out, it changes. I am glad for all of the wonderful things that are out there though!

  8. I am horrible, I worked in IT for years and still rely on a hand written calendar. I end up getting things all messed up when I try to do it digitally. I like having the dry erase calendar on my office wall so I can see what I have at a glance. I love all other technology, but in this area feel like I will always be outdated.

  9. Very useful tips. Since downloading my digital calendar, I’ve completely abandoned my hard copy calendar. You are absolutely spot on about the ability to manage multiple calendars when they are digital.

  10. Great tips. I wish I could just learn how to truly harness a digital calendar…I find it really hard to move away from a paper one. I really need to utilize a calender more often.

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