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Walmart’s Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web – We Added a New Phone

#FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias


It is fantastic to enjoy a bargain like Walmart’s Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan so much, you continue to use it and get family members involved! Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that back in November I purchased a phone from the Walmart Family Mobile plan. In December I gave that phone to my teenie bopper as a reward for getting so many college acceptances. The incredible thing about this phone is the superlative service. Recently we went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit the Spelman College where my teenie bopper will be attending school in the fall and had no problems with making calls, receiving calls or using the unlimited data plan. I used the teenie bopper’s phone to have a book club meeting while in the hotel that weekend!  The transmission was perfect and I had no problems hearing or seeing the participants in the video call. Like I said, the service is great no matter where we have traveled the past few months.


#FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias teenie bopper texting


Another great thing about the Walmart Family Mobile plan is the price.
The base plan for unlimited talk, text and data/web is only $39.88 per month! What is #walmartfamilymobile #collectivebias www.janeanesworld.comeven better than that is that if you add another line of service, it is $5.00 cheaper than the first plan! That means for less than the price many people are paying for one phone, we will have 2 phones in our family!

With Mother’s Day fast upon us, I wanted to surprise my husband with a new cell phone. He has a Windows tablet so when I found out that Walmart Family Mobile had the Nokia Lumina 521 for only $99.88 I was so excited. I had to get one to surprise him. In our house we have a history of getting people gifts for weird occasions. I give the kids presents for my birthday. My husband gives me presents for his birthday and things like that. Therefore it was just like the Davis family for me to want to give Darren a new Windows phone for Mother’s day. He is running around trying to buy me presents and slipping the kids extra allowance to do something nice for me. He is not expecting to get a great new phone from the Walmart Family Mobile plan. Keep in mind, Darren is an accountant so you know he will be happy to save money on phone service.




#walmartfamilymobile #collectivebias





I went to Walmart and picked up the Nokia Lumina 521 phone and the Starter Kit (SIM card). Just as when I went shopping before for my teenie bopper, there was a really nice selection of phones. My Walmart store had a choice of six phones from which to choose. There were Android phones, smart phone and the Windows phone. I knew what I wanted, so I went right to the Nokia Lumina 521 because I knew I wanted a Windows phone. It was nice to be able to see such a nice selection of phones. Everything was also at really afforadble prices.

When I got everything home, it was a simple matter to activate the phone and add the new phone to our Walmart Family Mobile plan.

#familymobile #coillectivebias

You may ask why I added my husband to the Walmart Family Mobile plan with my teenie bopper. Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Price – base price of $39.88 for the teenie bopper’s phone and only $34.88 to add my husband’s phone
  2. Service – the teenie bopper will be in Atlanta and traveling all around the country in a few months, the Walmart Family Mobile plan works EVERYWHERE she will be traveling
  3. Savings – the teenie bopper and Darren will both have totally unlimited talk, text, and web/data for less than my friends pay for one line of service
  4. Connection – the teenie bopper will be away from home for the first time and needs to be able to reach her Daddy to do what college students do best – ask for money
  5. Features – these smart phones have all the great apps, features and cool tricks that make life easier and fun




#familymobile #collectivebias





Mother’s Day is a great time to reach out and get a new phone and service with the Walmart Family Mobile plan. Of course a phone from the Walmart Family Mobile plan is great to gift for a mom. All busy moms want a smart phone with a lot of features so they can handle all they have on their plates. It is also a great time to surprise grandparents with a phone. You can tell them it is so they can check on the grandkids, but it is also a great way to check on the grandparents. Phones in the Walmart #FamilyMobile plan are study, reliable and a very good price!  I am glad #CollectiveBias gave me the opportunity to give my husband a great surprise this Mother’s Day.


#FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias


In conclusion, it is fantastic to enjoy a bargain like Walmart’s Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan so much, you continue to use it and get family members involved! So, the question for you this fantastic day is how do you save money on your smart phone bills?


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