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  1. These are awesome tips! Our biggest battle is the work/personal life battle. We’re getting better, and we agree with you on the tone of the “research”. It just takes time, practice, and planning to make the balance work.

  2. i don’t often take a whole day off without any type of work. internet doesn’t sleep so there is always work for me to do since my job is online.

  3. I always love your posts. It makes for a very positive outlook in life. It just gives you that boost of confidence that you need. Thank you for sharing! I have seen a lot of online application for jobs or works lately. It sure is different now that when it was back then. And yes, procrastination is a beast! I do that sometimes. But then, who doesn’t? It is a hard thing to beat, indeed. Thanks again!

  4. It is really different looking for work now. So much of it is apply online. So many requirements now.

  5. I use a gratitude journal daily but share a weekly gratitude list on my blog and encourage my readers to share what they are grateful for as well!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  6. Sunday is definitely not a day of rest for me!! I am so busy catching up and preparing for the next week that I don’t have time to rest! lol!! looks like you had a great and inspirational week!

  7. It is rare that I take a day completely off. If I am not working on my business, I am thinking about it or working on things behind the scenes. Then, there is the duty of home ownership, chores, wife, mother and pet owner. I would love a day to just sit in front of the television and do nothing.

  8. Procrastination is a big thing for me… I procrastinate a lot and I am usually in pain. So I can only manage to do things for a little at a time. My last week was intensely busy, and this week wont be much easier. Still, I am trying my best to get up and moving on getting even more done this week than last! 🙂

    • Procrastination is a hard thing to beat, especially when you are in pain. I am happy for you that you are improving. That must be satisfying.

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