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What Inspires You to Take Action Now and Win — 25 Comments

  1. I haven’t been motivated or inspired in quite some time. I do know that whenever I see my kids having fun it does seem to inspire me. Hopefully this summer will be full of inspiration.

  2. I feel like my inspiration comes from my family. I want to do the best I can for them.

  3. I find inspiration in my family. They are my motivation and what drives me to succeed.

  4. This post was right on time! I was just sitting here staring at a blank computer screen trying to find the motivation to start on a project when it’s 81 and sunny outside my window!

  5. It definitely depends on the situation for me. If I know something has to be done and I have to do it, I make it happen.

  6. Reading inspires me so it helps me focus on what I’m working on. IT’s nice to take a break and find something new to to inspire me.

  7. My kids are my inspiration and my drive to do and be better. I think that is why I work so hard.

  8. Yes! Jeanine, the desire to do better for my children and to be a good example for them pushes me to get things done.

  9. Sometimes I need a push and other times I’ve got my mind set and won’t stop until I’ve completed the task

  10. Life itself is y greatest inspiration ..getting a new chance to do something each day is a reward in itself. On the days I’m not inspired , I look how far I’ve come

  11. Sometimes I have an automatic drive to do something. Other times I need a serious wake up call before I get any inspiration.

  12. I think doing what you like to do is key also. That inspires me and even more so when I see other’s doing the same!

  13. Sometimes I get overwhelmed or just swamped with whatever task is at hand. For me, taking a complete break and getting away from it for a bit, totally changing gears really helps. When I come back to it, I can have a renewed approach and new perspective!

  14. Hmm … I think deadlines are my biggest motivation. I am such a procrastinator.

  15. I agree with Robin it depends on how badly something needs to be done. If it’s needs to be now ASAP I find a way if it doesn’t I’m a slacker.

  16. I usually find my inspiration within my kids. Everything I do is to better them and our lives so I am always inspired!

  17. I find inspiration through more opportunities – the good opportunities keep me focused and reaching for the stars!

  18. Yes, I had recently lost my joie de vivre…for one day. It was horrible. But luckily, I just kept moving through the day. Rested. And within 24 hours I was back. My inspiration is always gratitude to God that I still have life, health, family/friends and my abilities.

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