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Wonderful Wednesday- Start the Day with Prayer — 2 Comments

  1. I have linked up with a post of the first time I did the rosary, which is a long prayer and combines several prayers into it. If you stop by and read it, go with a tissue. The power of prayer is something that touches my heart and soul on a daily basis!

  2. Amen! That is a beautiful song! I to believe in the power of prayer and in God. I agree that this life is better believing in HIM than not at all. In July, I had my birthday off and I started my day off in Mass before doing anything else and it was a great way to start my day. I wake up daily Thanking God for giving me another day of life but I do not converse with him like I should. I have the best clarity on life after having a conversation with him. I have the Bible next to my bed, waiting to be read and I am not sure why I am waiting. Tomorrow morning I will start the day off with reading, even if its a chapter a day, until its read. As always GREAT post Janeane!

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