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Take a Chance and Start Something New — 10 Comments

  1. I have been taking a chance with new business goals and personal fulfillment through my blog. I have been taking a chance toward the my personal goals of marriage and children by online dating and the hardest thing making it know to my friends that I’d like to meet someone and am opent to blind dates and such.

  2. Well Heather, get on that project and get it done. It is still sitting there because it is a good idea waiting for you to develop it!

  3. Great motivation to not only start something new but to finish something you put on hold. I have a project that I sat on the shelf thinking I would get back to it in a week or a month but it ha been two years! Faith without work is dead indeed. Thanks for giving me that reminder:)

  4. A great reminder! The moment we stop trying new things is the moment we stop growing. We were placed on earth to grow! Awesome share!

  5. I am glad you liked the article. Your words reminded me of a line from Shawshank Remption “Get busy living or get busy dying.” Either way, we need to get busy. Hope you have a great day as well.

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