• Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

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Use Technology in Ways that Work for You


Use Technology in Ways that Work for You- One of the best things about modern technology is that it enables us to work smart instead of just hard. With computers, tablets and smart phones, there is no reason why you cannot have the information you want with you at all times. Use technology so that you work smarter and not merely harder.



The first thing I do with every device I get is to add my calendar program. I keep my appointments, client hours and to do list all on my calendar. For me, Google calendar has been doing the job for me for more years than I can remember. It works for me because I can color code the calendars so that instantly I can see obligations personally, professionally, for my children and for various clients. It translates to all my devices and there is no learning curve. The next program that gets added to all my devices is OneNote. I like this program because it is a word processing program on steroids. OneNote enables me to write all the documents I need to write, sort and store photographs, set reminders, create slideshows and other business activities. I add the Office suite of programs. I use Excel for my blog editorial calendar and business planning spreadsheet. The One Drive cloud storage program allows me to have my documents at my fingertips on any device I choose. I have social media programs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I use these programs for work and so need to have them accessible on all my devices.

I like having all my information for work in my hands at all times. This means that while I will write notes on paper and even have a board of notes up in my office, I take photos of the wall and notes each day so that even when I am away from the office, I still have that wall of notes at my disposal. If you are a person who is bound to pen and paper and just cannot, will not or do not want to have your notes electronically use your devices to take photos of the paper. By taking photos of the paper, you can still get things done if you are inspired while in line at the bank or sitting on a train while you commute from one place to another. The photos also allow you to keep your work projects moving if you decide to work at the local library or coffee house.

When using your technology, be sure to use all functions that will help you work in a way that feels natural and easy to you. For example, if you are an oratory person, talk to yourself aka your phone. Use the voice recorder function to create your to-do list, to brainstorm or to keep track of information. When you take note on the voice recorder you can listen to your words whenever you desire. I am a big believer in self-motivation. If self-motivation is important to you, use the voice recorder to record customized pep talks for yourself and then use the alarm function on your phone to have the pep talks come on at various times throughout the day to keep you motivated. If you are a visually motivated person, create videos of yourself talking about things or of things you encounter that will spur you into action. Use all of your phone’s functions and capabilities to make your life easier.

One last note about using your phone and tablet as tools – streaming television. There are a great number of things going on throughout the world that I want to follow and understand. I often work in my home office where there is no television. I also work at our local library or a coffee house several days per week. When I use my tablet, I can stream MSNBC on my smartphone to keep up with world events while I work. I will even admit that sometimes, a marathon of television shows takes place. I am currently watching Dr. Who on Netflix as I work. The phone and tablet are a few of the tools I use to help me work smarter and happier.