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Use Your Technology to Have Fun

So often we are attached to our technology for work, but keep in mind, technology really can be fun! Everyone once in a while, turn off the work and find a thing that you can do with technology purely for enjoyment. If you can’t think of something, ask a kid. You will be amazed at how quickly they can find fun with technology!
Technology can be fun.
I am a gadget person. I have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader and a bunch of other gadgets and devices. Devices are part of my life. I do my work on my laptop, phone, and tablet. My calendar is electronic. Even my vision boards are electronic. My favorite way to read, you guessed it, on a gadget, my e-reader. The first thing I look at whenever I buy a gadget is how it will work, how it will make it easier for me to do my job. It is important for me to have all my electronics be hard-working, multi-purpose, powerhouse machines.
Increasingly, I want my devices to be something I can have fun with as well. Of course, my devices all have Netflix because who can live without marathons of movies and television series? Additionally, I usually have several games like 2048, Sudoku, and Scrabble just to name a few. I make sure to add my favorite audiobook and podcast programs so that I can be entertained while walking or waiting in line.  I opened my account with Audible years ago before it was purchased by Amazon. Of course I keep a Kindle e-reader program and a magazine program like Texture on hand because you cannot leave the house without something to read.
We spend so much money on gadgets. It doesn’t make sense for them to have one purpose only – work. It makes more sense to make our gadgets multi-purpose things we can use for work and fun. Think about how much time you spend with your gadgets, technology, and devices. The typical workday is 8 hours long. Most people work at least 5 days per week. This means that 40 hours a week you are using your gadgets, technology, and devices to work, make money and be all about taking care of business. That is all well and good. But, it ignores the fact that there are 24 hours in each day. When the workday is done and your time is your own, you need something on your smartphone that you can do for fun.

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  • My kids know how to do a lot more with gadgets than I do and it surprises me every single time.

  • So true! I recently finally downloaded some games for myself on my phone! Plus I started reading again even if its just ebooks on my phone.

  • I think I enjoy my gadgets as much as any kid. I have so much games on mine it's not even funny.

  • I like to use mine for work and play too. Crossy Road and Candy Crush are faves. :)

  • That is a riot. I spent some time recently with 9 year old triplets and they were pros at the ipad....amazing how the times have changed.

  • I definitely ask my kids how to work this new technology they are making now days lol They look at me like I'm crazy!

  • I use my phone a low when we are waiting for Taekwondo. Great to get some work done while waiting.

  • This is so true. I do like having a few game apps on my phone to pass the time. Those puzzle apps like Bejeweled are so addicting!

  • It's so true! I definitely make use of my gadgets mostly for work purposes, but occasionally throw in a little bit of fun too. I also do a lot of shopping with them!

  • Isn't that the truth. I am way behind on my tech knowledge. Kids know about it all!

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