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99 1/2 Won’t Do – New Year, Better Me

Starting today, I have a new theme to inspire me over the course of the next year. I am going to work smart, do things completely the first time around and be a better me. I always select a song to encourage, inspire and motivate me to greatness. This year the song that will encourage, inspire and motivate my actions is 99 and 1/2  by Hezekiah Walker.  As a sub-theme, I have selected the song Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas.

So often we start the race and let all kinds of obstacles keep us from finishing, that behavior must stop.

I have seen people start projects full of excitement, energy and determination to do well. Over the course of time, the excitement wanes, the excitement diminishes and the determination fades. When this happens, it is not long until whatever the project is joins a pile of a hundred other projects that were started but never fully completed. There are all kinds of reason why things start good but never get done. No matter what the reason, the end result is the same. An incomplete job is not good enough. If you want to succeed you must learn to complete what you start. In order to succeed and be happy in life, you must find a way to get from dream imagined to dream accomplished. One sure way to do that is to accept the fact that 99 and 1/2 won’t do.

In school, once students start to get grades, they learn that an “A” ranges from 90 percent correct to 100 percent correct. Often, when children are young and just starting to get grades, they figure if 90% gets the same grade as 100%, there is no need to put in the work to go from 90 % to 100%. We must teach our children not to fall for this argument. This is a dangerous point of view that will lead to children becoming satisfied with doing less than their very best. It will lead to children being satisfied with putting forth less than 100 percent of their effort.This is not a good thing. In all our children do, we must teach them that 99 and 1/2 won’t do.

If we have become believers in that argument, we must teach ourselves a better way.  We must realize that good is so close to great, it just makes sense to go for great. When we truly believe that and start to live our lives that way, we will be so much better off. This method of thinking will get better results for our work. In the journey to be successful, 99  and 1/2 wont do.

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