In the past, I have started many things and done them well, but not completely. Most times, doing 99 and 1/2 % of the work is good enough. That fact deceives us. It tricks us into thinking that we can do 99 and 1/2; that we don’t have to go the last bit of the way. This is a dangerous way to look at things because often, with things that are truly important, 99 and 1/2 just won’t do. Sometimes, 99  and 1/2 simply is not good enough. When it is time to give birth to a child, you must do 100% of the work. You cannot give birth to only 99 and 1/2 percent of a child and think things will be fine. You cannot complete 99 1/2 percent of a race and declare yourself a winner. You cannot do 99 and 1/2 percent of a recipe and complain when things do not turn out properly.

Starting today, start living your life as if you understand, know and believe that 99 and 1/2 won’t do. Apply that philosophy to all areas of your life: home, work, hobbies and even personal relationships. In add you do, strive for completion, excellence and to put forth your best efforts. When you do, you will find several things happen:

  • you will feel better about the things you do
  • your reputation will be enhanced
  • the quality of your work will improve
  • you will be a person that can safely be relied upon


All these things are good and desirable things. They all are the fruits of doing a good, complete and excellent job. That is what it means to accept that 99 and  1/2 won’t do. It means to give your best efforts, your most complete efforts and to do the job completely, the first time, every time.

One of the things that attracted me the song 99 and 1/2 is the fact that the singer describes himself as someone who is fighting against obstacles to reach 100. Not only is he pushing forward to go from 99 and 1/2 to 100, he is running, trying to make 100. The singer acknowledges that there are many obstacles standing between him and ultimate success. However, he is not going to let obstacles, no matter how formidable stop him from reaching his goal.  He is determined to push ahead, past 99 and 1/2 to 100. That is the attitude we must adopt if we are going to go from good to great.

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We can be whatever we decide to be, so we should decide to be something great.

All that we are and all that we will be in this life, starts with the decision to state what we will be. We must take the time to create a vision. I know that if my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it.  It all starts with me deciding what I am going to be. Once I have decided what I am going to  be, it is time for me to put in the work to make it happen. That is when the 99 and 1/2 idea comes into play. There is something powerful about deciding what you will do and then putting in the work to make it happen.

One of the things that attracted me to the song Imma Be  was the idea that I can be whatever I set my mind to be. Each of the characters performing the song had big ideas about what they wanted to be. Most of the things the characters want to be were of no interest to me. There was one character who said he would “loan out trillions, get back millions.” I liked that line and  like to be in a position to do that! When I am at my office, at my house or anywhere in the world, I like being able to say, “Imma be a woman who knows 99 and 1/2 just won’t do.”

My husband always tells people to dream a big dream and then do even more. I am suggesting you do that today.  Dream a dream, a really big dream. Whatever that dream is, stand in front of your mirror and say out loud, “Imma be . . . ” and fill in the blank with whatever it is your dream of being and doing. But don’t stop there. Next, tell yourself that you are going to go all the way to 100 because 99 and 1/2
won’t do. This is not a one time, thing, this is something you need to do each morning. Get up, look in the mirror and say out loud, “Imma be, what Imma be and 99 and 1/2 won’t do.” Keep saying this every morning until you believe it. Then keep saying it every morning until you have done it. Keep looking in the mirror and telling yourself that  you will do what your mind has conceived and your heart has believed until you have achieved it. Always remember that you can do it, don’t stop until you are done because 99 and 1/2 just won’t do.

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If you want to read more about how a song can encourage, inspire and motivate you to be all you can be and to go all the way because 99 and 1/2 won’t do, check out my word of the year for last year. Last year was all about Something Inside that was so strong I knew I could make it. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what are you going to be? Are you going to go all to go all the way to 100 to achieve it, or are you going to stop at 99 and 1/2?