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Introduction to the “48 Laws of Power” — 25 Comments

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  4. Very informative. I just have to figure out what my talents are, sometimes I think I know and I doubt myself!

  5. It was sad to have that experience with a friend. But, as you said, it is good I came across the book and have learned some new techniques to exercise my own power and to fight against improper exercises of power from others.

  6. You can still exercise power even if you are shy and introverted. You will not be loud and boisterous in word or deed, but you can be determined, stubborn and persistent in reaching your goals. That is power as well.

  7. Start claiming the power you have. You have the talent and desire to grow your business I wish you every success as you move ahead.

  8. Thanks. I am looking forward to writing it and to exploring the idea of power over the course of the next 48 weeks.

  9. Consistency is a great word. When we are consistent we can be trusted and relied upon.

  10. The important thing for shy people to remember is that power does not have to be loud. Power can be exercised quietly and comfortably.

  11. Eeyikes to the end of the post. I’m sorry you had to experience it, but maybe it was good that you came across the book.

  12. I definitely don’t embrace my power. I am shy, insecure and introverted. This is something I’m really trying to work on in 2016!

  13. I want to do some growing in my own freelance stuff this year so this is timely for me. I want to feel empowered to get it done!

  14. This looks like a great series to work more on empowering yourself and understanding business from a different angle.

  15. It’s so true that power is not necessarily what you would think it is. So important to be powerful in your own business – and your own life.

  16. Inspiring post. Power isn’t something though I had or could have in a business sense. Very inspiring..

  17. Power-wielding employers have a responsibility to use it wisely. It’s very disappointing to find out that something hurtful was done intentionally to protect what someone considers a power source.

  18. Maybe my word of the year next year will be powerful. This year it’s consistency. I know I have more than I think and I haven’t been using it very well.

  19. You have some great advice here for business owners or business people. I don’t think I am utilizing any power now that I am at home with my kiddos.

  20. Great read! I definitely am a shy person who has not embraced her power! This gives me something to think about, especially as I’m seeking ways to increase my income.

  21. I think it is so important to learn how to be powerful in your own business. This is awesome advice.

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