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Be Grateful for Your Job Even When it is Time to Go — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, and when you see those people later or think of them, there is always a bad taste in your mouth.

  2. You are correct. The short term thrill of blasting a former employer on social media isvalmost never worth the long term consequences.

  3. Exactly! You never know when you will see those people again. You want the reputation that proceeds you to be good one.

  4. I have not been in the workplace since 2005. I stopped working to stay at home with my son when he was born. Now 5 kids later and another on the way I love my job – a stay at home, homeschool mom. I will enjoy it as long as I can!

  5. This is such a great article! People don’t stop to think about the consequences of leaving a business unprofessionally.

  6. It can be difficult to leave a job graciously if you are truly miserable.That being said, how you handle that is part of being a grown up. There’s no room for inappropriate, childish behavior.Focusing on bettering yourself is key, not punishing (yourself and) others for a job that didn’t work out for you.

  7. Great tips. I have been at my job for over 10 years now, I have seen so many people leave in VERY unprofessional ways.

  8. It is so true that you have to be careful. I have seen people slam a company on social media. That is not only unprofessional, but other clients will see that.

  9. You should never burn your bridges when you leave a job. You never know when you might run into those people again or need help i the future.

  10. I never understood people who stormed out of jobs. They’re just cutting their nose to spite their face.

  11. This is so true, to be thankful and grateful no matter what. I had a part time job I left, and although aspects were stressful and people were deceitful not everything was bad and it served a greater purpose and I am thankful for my time there.

  12. It is great that your health issues allow you to work on occasions. Even jobs I had that were horrible I was grateful for because I learned things, got experience and always got a paycheck.

  13. As someone who isn’t allowed to work due to health I am always grateful for any time I Get to do a job. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in some small businesses part time for a small period to earn extra cash and have always been grateful even if it has been awkward for some.

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