Terrific Tuesday – it is terrific to know how to use the talents of others.

Each Terrific Tuesday throughout the month of November has been dedicated to discussions of elections past and present. Our first Terrific Tuesday of  November urged everyone, no matter who their candidate of choice, to vote. Then we looked at discussing election results respectfully. Last week we looked at the Bush/Gore race of 2000. Today, the final Terrific Tuesday of November is about one of John Kerry’s political rallies in Philadelphia with President Bill Clinton in attendance.


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When the teenie bopper was eight years old and my son, the golden one,  was just over eighteen months old, John Kerry was running for president against the incumbant, George W. Bush.  At one point in the election cycle John Kerry came to Philadelphia and had a rally on the Parkway near the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art. My husband Darren thought it would be a good educational experience to take her out of second grade for the day to see a former president and a presidential hopeful on stage together. The crowd was tremendous. We stood five blocks from stage and the crowd before us, behind us and around us continued to grow and to swell.


The incredible thing about the rally for me, was President Bill Clinton’s arrival on stage. When President Clinton walked onto the stage, the entire crowd pushed forward. People standing back with me, five blocks from the action pushed forward as if they could reach out and touch him. It was a surreal experience. I had heard the stories about his charisma and appeal and did not pay that much attention to them. However, there in the crowd, five blocks from the stage, the crowd around me surged forward, people wanted to get close to him, to touch him to see him in an up close and personal way. It was an electifying and exciting in a way I had never experienced before nor since.


What I learned that day, in a real way, is that you need to know how to use people around you who want to help you. If you have a friend or co-worker with a strength you need, in Kerry’s case personality, allow that friend to help you. I have another friend who owns his own business and every friend he has engaged to help him operate the business has left and many have stopped being his friend because he does not know how to use the talent of his friends for his benefit. He has friends with skills he does not possess, but needs, however instead of using the help his friends offer, he acts to diminish their skills and downplay their contributions as insignificant. As a result, four years into running a can’t lose business, he is always on the verge of extinction.


A person should always know her place in the universe. By that I mean, you should know what talents and gifts you possess. When a situation calls for a talent or gift you do not possess, do not be upset that a friend possesses what you need. Instead engage that friend and find out how her talents and gifts can be used to your benefit. Once a friend has given you the benefit of her gifts and talents, thank her, be appreciative and keep moving towards the next step in reaching your goals.



John Kerry used President Bill Clinton’s charm and charisma in an attempt to become President of the United States. So, the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is what gifts and talents do you have that can benefit your circle of friends?