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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs – Priorities vs Options

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option and 3 lessons for entrepreneurs.”


Today we are sharing 3 lessons for entrepreneurs. During the month of March each year all across the United States, people celebrate Women’s History Month. This blog was created to encourage, inspire, and motivate people to be their best at work and at home. During the month of March each year, we share quotes from Maya Angelou. Each quote is analyzed to show why Angelou’s words, written so long ago are appropriate for today’s entrepreneurs.


So, sit back read the beautiful words then check out the analysis. Stay with us for the entire month and feel free to share your own interpretation in the comments. Today’s quote is:


” Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”



This quote is important because it has three lessons for entrepreneurs.

These lessons are:

  1. Priority items are the things that matter most.
  2. Optional items need to be done.
  3. You need to know your value.


Priority items are the things that matter most.


It is important for entrepreneurs to realize that priority items are the things that matter most. Often entrepreneurs mistake priority items for things that they enjoy most. When it comes to your business, it is fun to sit back and watch others work. It is a pleasure to enjoy using your products and services. Nice is talking with customers about how your products and services have changed their lives. It is not always fun to balance the books, pay taxes, and do the research needed to provide new offerings. However, these things are often important, necessary, and a priority in your business.


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If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must find a way to treat things that matter most as priorities in your business. The things that are most important must get the most attention. Priority items should not be ignored, put off, or passed off for others to handle. By definition, priority items are the things that matter most so they should be given the most attention. If you make a habit of swapping optional items for priority items, you will be less successful and less productive than you could be.


Optional items need to be done.



Optional items are less important, but they still need to get done. It is a mistake to think that optional items are unimportant and thus can be ignored. If you run a consulting firm for example, cleaning your office and buying coffee for clients are optional items each day. But, both of these things need to be done. You must keep the office clean. Having fresh coffee for clients when they walk in makes them feel good and helps them to relax and feel good while conducting business with you. Rearranging the office furniture and changing the curtains, plants, and magazines to keep the work area fresh is optional. But it is something that should be done. Keep in mind that while optional items are not priorities, they are not important, they still must be done.


You need to know your value.


One of the most important things an entrepreneur must know, no matter what her business, no matter what her industry, is her value. An entrepreneur who knows her value knows her place in the universe and she is able to stand tall and claim it with pride. When you know your value, you charge the appropriate prices for what you have to offer. When you know your value, you do not accept less than you deserve. Learn your value, do your best, and accept no less from yourself.



Learn these lessons for entrepreneurs.


As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you know your value so you can be of service to your business, employees, customers, and yourself. When you place too low a value on yourself, you lack self-esteem and don’t go for opportunities because you think they are out of your reach. Conversely, when you value yourself too highly, you may appear to be conceited, big-headed, and unpleasant to be around. Entrepreneurs who have the appropriate sense of their own value are pleasant to be around. They challenge themselves to do and be better. An appropriate sense of value is crucial knowledge for successful entrepreneurs.


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Never forget Maya Angelou was correct when she said, “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” Also take care to remember the three lessons from this quote for entrepreneurs: priority items are the things that matter most, optional items need to be done, you need to know your value.