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Wake Up with Loved Ones – It is A Magnificent Thing to Do — 18 Comments

  1. I appreciate my family more,more than ever because of this world’s situation now.

  2. I am greatful that we are able to get food on the table and place to stay during this crazy time.

  3. I’m very grateful to have my husband and two of our kids at home during this crazy time.

  4. I have found to appreciate the closeness of my family a lot more during this pandemic. Family is everything.

  5. I absolutely love waking up each day of quarantine with my family surrounding me. This is the bright light of the quarantine.

  6. I’m thankful and blessed every day to wake up with my family all together. My daughter will soon leave to finish her studies but it has been a blessing to have everybody together at home – especially during these trying times.

  7. We always make sure to spend quality time together and make sure that everyone feels loved and important.

  8. This is a good reminder to be present and spend quality time with our loved ones. It is a crazy time and we really need this!

  9. Yesterday, I snuggled a lot with the kiddos and took it easy. It was so relaxing! I wish everyday could be like that.

  10. I spent most of my day with my son. It was really relaxing.

  11. Today was my husband’s day off and we spent the day working in our garden. It was peaceful and relaxing.

  12. I feel so lucky to wake up with my family in the house. Something I’m grateful everyday.

  13. Having my kids jump in my bed and getting to cuddle and hold them for a minute give me the greatest joy. Also the best memories.

  14. Amen! I am loving having my husband around so much! I hope he feels the same.

  15. There is nothing quite like having your loved ones around you and I think this year has helped show that more than ever. I so miss my family.

  16. I agree family and having family and loved ones close by is a real pleasure of life. In these times of isolation itis a great by product for families to be spending more time together.

  17. I am not religious, so I leave the God part out, but I do love being with family and other loved ones. It helps things be less crazy.

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