Enjoy the Afterglow

The day after does not have to be a let down, everyday can be wonderful, hold onto the after glow.

Many people across America spent yesterday celebrating Valentine’s day. Some were thrilled because they received a trinket of perceived affection. Some were heartbroken because they were absent the desired token. Many of the thrilled are today feeling blah because the build up is done, the holiday is over, the chocolates eaten and the flowers starting to wilt. These once thrilled are the ones on my mind today.

Often we look forward to holidays, birthdays or other special occasions. Once the big day is over, we move on with our lives and the joy and excitement of the big day are quickly forgotten. Perhaps life would be better and more fulfilling if we remembered how happy the big day made us. How life would be different if we tried to hold on to our feelings of joy, happiness and childlike excitement about things to come and things enjoyed. So today I look forward to celebrating the day after, and letting the after glow linger as long as possible.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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