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Give 100% Because 50/50 is for Losers

I give 100% and expect to receive 100 %, none of that 50/50 stuff for me!

Spoiler alert *** there is a video summary of this article at the bottom of the page.

On Facebook recently, I read a post from a guy who said he wants a woman to give 50/50 with him. There were a lot of posts back and forth agreeing with him. I stayed out of the conversation, but laughed to myself. Everyone who knows me, knows I have been happily married for more than 25 years. We both give our all, 100%, to this relationship. I am on duty 100% of the time and want a man who is on duty 100% of the time.


I cannot think of anything in my life where 50% output is acceptable.


If I got 50% on a test in school, I flunked the test. If I feed my children 50% of the time they will be hungry and unsatisfied. Fifty percent is half the job. I have four children, if I am a good mother to only 50% of them, DHS will be at my house taking away 100% of my children. My wedding vows called me to love, honor, and forsake all others, it did not say, do your 50/50 best. I am on duty 100% of the time and want a man who is on duty 100% of the time.


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If my husband brought home 50% of his paycheck and I brought home 50% of my paycheck our standard of living would decrease, not increase. If my husband was faithful 50% of the time and I loved him 50% of the time, we would not be a strong, happy successful unit. If I am a parent to our children 50% of the time and my husband is a parent to our children 50% of the time our children will be lost. I am on duty 100% of the time and want a man who is on duty 100% of the time.



It is cute when young people say they want to give 50/50 in a relationship. I admire their effort at trying to have an equal partner and seeking to be equally yoked to another. Real maturity comes when people realize that each party must give 100% for a relationship to be real, sustainable and successful. I am on duty 100% of the time and want a man who is on duty 100% of the time.


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Compare giving 50% to giving 100%.


Think about this 100/100 vs 50/50 comparison in your business.  Are you working your business by giving only 50% of your best efforts? Why are you doing that? What is keeping you from giving your all to the things that are important in your life? Take time today to re-examine your priorities. If you want things to be successful, put forth your best efforts and give 100%. Never forget that partial work will yield only partial results!



So, the question for you this wonderful day is, are you a 100 percent person or a 50 percent person?

Janeane Davis

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