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4 Benefits of Family Game Night



You can find serenity in establishing family game night and using that time for bonding with your family. Saturday night is family game night at our house. Normally we run around during the day, with ballet lessons, sports, shopping, movies and the like. Once we all meet up back home, my husband always turns on the computer with the big screen and starts playing music videos from the old days. The children and I sing, dance and request more and more. After dinner, we gather at the dining room table and the games begin. We play all kinds of games – board games, paper games, computer games and card games. The games themselves do not matter. What matters is the benefits we get from having family game night. There are four benefits to family game night. These benefits include:

  • fun
  • education
  • conversation
  • connection


Playing games is a fun activity, there can be no doubt about that.

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Janeane Davis

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  • We always had family game night when the kids were home. It is so much fun.

    • My husband and I used to do it before the kids came. I will miss all the noise and excitement of it when the kids all grow up and leave home.

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