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$435 Million Powerball Win and Three Lessons for Entrepreneurs

The most recent winning Powerball winning lottery ticket was worth $435 million and this has at least three lessons for entrepreneurs.

Often when people look at lottery winners they think of luck. It is assumed or inferred that the winners were luckier than others in some way. This is simply not the case. Winning the lottery has more to do with work and lessons for entrepreneurs than may appear on the surface. There are several things a smart entrepreneur can learn by paying attention to the recent Powerball winning ticket. These lessons include the following:

1. If you want something good to happen, do the work
2. What many people think is luck is actually preparation
3. Always believe you have the power to make your dreams come true

If you want something good to happen, do the work

Even something that seems as trivial and improbable as winning a lottery requires work. Someone has to select the numbers. Someone must go to the store to purchase the lottery ticket. Someone must be at the store to sell the potentially winning ticket. Just as no one wins the lottery by sheer luck alone, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need more than just luck. If you want to win at business you must put in the work. You must get up in the morning, get to work and do things. Just as the lottery winner does not win without some work, your business will not succeed if you do not put in work.

What many people think is luck is actually preparation

Appearances can be deceiving. We have all seen people who seem like everything they touch turns to gold. These people succeed in their personal lives. Their spouses are wonderful, faithful and kind. Their children are smart, successful and well behaved. Their business thrive no matter what is going on in the economy. It is amazing to watch these people in action. They appear to be lucky in all areas of life. However, if you step back, you will see that luck has very little to do with their success. Close observation will show that it is not luck that makes things work, but preparation. Preparation, planning and then working the plan and using the preparation leads to much more success than luck will ever do.

Always believe you have the power to make your dreams come true

People who win the lottery have dreams. They dream of winning the lottery, of getting large sums of money and doing wonderful things with the winnings. They may play the lottery week after week for years at a time. No matter how many losing tickets they purchase, they still dream of winning the lottery. As an entrepreneur, you must always believe in the power of your dreams. No matter how many times you fail, you must never give up. You must always believe you have the power to make your dreams come true.

Entrepreneur, you must ABL – Always Be Learning. You can learn from almost anything even someone winning the Powerball lottery for $435 million.

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