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5 Reasons You Should Learn How Each Department Works — 26 Comments

  1. i absolutely agree! its crucial to know how each department works if you want to run a successful business!

  2. I try to learn as much as I can, but I have to say my partner, and husband does help out. Somethings behind the scenes I just have zero interest in. 🙁

  3. Well put. Big companies usually do cross-training with their people. As you can say – an employee must always have a back-up, so when times come that this particular employee can no longer physically function, the business will not suffer.

  4. It definitely helps when you know how every department works. You don’t have to be an expert in every department, but knowing the ins and outs makes a difference. I once had a boss who made it a point to work in every department of the company for one week out of the year.

  5. I do agree with you here too, i was employed before I have a kid and decided to take a full responsibility to be a mother and wife this time. but during those time while working, i totally considered everything,

  6. This is very good information! I think it makes sense to know all of the departments in your business.

  7. At my former employer’s office, we put out a publication quarterly and it included a focus on a different department each time. I thought it was a really valuable way to get to know everyone and really understand the resources available.

  8. You always have amazing tips here. Bosses of companies should take into consideration all these.

  9. Great tips, I agree. I have been out of the business world for 8 years, blessed to be able to stay home with my kids, it’s great to be crossed trained.

  10. Great post with some amazing points – there have been days in my OHs job where he is the only person who can do certain things and he is running ragged! x

  11. i absolutely agree wit you. how can you run a place and not know the ins AND outs?

  12. It is really important to know how each department make the business function. It not only helps you to fill in when needed but you will be more equipped to offer suggestions. Great tips & article.

  13. i think everyone should learn all they can about were they work

  14. Great tips! I agree wholeheartedly, and I know some people that should read this.

  15. Since I’m self employed, I do know how to do each job. When I worked in an office, I knew how to do a variety of jobs in different departments since I often filled in. The more valuable you make yourself in your job the better.

  16. I think its important to know all you can about the business you are in. So you can step up to those areas as needed. Even if you aren’t the owner/boss/manager. I think that the whole team needs to work together to get a successful outcome no matter what your roll is. As a boss you really need to be hands on, I think it shows respect toward those who work for you as well as those who do business with you. I would rather go to a company that the boss cares enough to know I found what i need or have any questions.

  17. You are absolutely right. Employees do have more respect for managers and owners who seem as if they know what is going on.

  18. If managers and owners spend too much time away from the actual work of the business, it is easy for them to forget how the business actually works and the conditions their employees and customers face.

  19. Right now I”m a stay at home mom so yes I know how to do everyones job lol
    In all seriousness though before I had kids I worked in a fast paced job and I had to know how to do everyone elses job too. There were days when someone wouldn’t be going fast enough and we would all have to job on a computer and help them out. Its very important to understand you work environment

  20. Wow, he seems like he was a great example to have early in your career. It makes a difference when you can do all the tasks in your business. It keeps business running smoothly.

  21. My very first “real” job was working in the office of our local J. C. Penney, and the manager, on a regular basis did every job in the store. You could find him in the warehouse, checking customers out at the cash register, ordering stock, taking catalog orders (this was in the early 80s when a staff actually answered the phones and took your order), doing various office jobs, to sweeping and mopping the floors. He literally could do every single job at his store. If an employee was absent, he filled in. He also made sure that we knew how to do at least one other job besides the one we were hired for. He was an amazing man, leader, and mentor.

  22. I agree. I work in a home for the blind/ elderly and in my opinion, the managers spend too long in the office and not enough time on the floor. I realise that they have masses of paper work to do, but it would be good, just to give them an overall idea!

  23. Very good info. All managers should take this info and ensure they have a good handle on what their staff are required to do. Staff do pay attention to a manager who knows their job…very important in the work place.

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