6/18/12 Magnificent Monday- Motivation and Where to Find It

Magnificent Monday – it is magnificent to use motivation to get through the to do list in a timely manner.

Last week we talked about how to find ways to motivate yourself in order to get through the to do list. This week we are going to talk about how to use that motivation to get through your to do list. So, you have a to do list. It doesn’t matter if it is for home or work. There is a list of things that must be done. You must do them. So the trick you must find is how to get through the to do list. 

What is your motivation. What is the thing that is going to get you through the to do list. Let’s use me running the Philly Marathon this November as an example. The following items are on my to do list to accomplish that goal:

1.     buy sneakers
2.     start working out
3.     work out three day per week
4.     do the couch to 5k running program
5.     start running 10 miles per week
6.     sign up for the marathon
7.     start running 15 miles per week
. . .
. . .
. . . 
25.     run the Philly Marathon
26.     rest

I promised myself a Garmin runner’s watch as my prize for running the marathon. I have bookmarked the web page with the particular watch I want  and look at the page several times per week. My husband knows I expect the watch when I cross the finish line. Every day I look at my to do list and do one item on the list. The thought of putting on that watch of feeling the band around my wrist, of looking down at the time or using one of the many fancy  features motivates me. It makes me work out and work the plan even when I don’t feel like it. I want that watch. I want to own that thing that the runners I admire and respect have. The watch motivates me, it makes me work my list.

The watch is a good motivator, a big picture item. I also have little motivators to help me along the way. I want new sneakers. So after I have run on the ones I have for a few months, they will be worn out and I will reward myself with a new and better pair. I am losing weight so for each size I go down, I am rewarding myself with a new outfit. Something slinky and sexy. By the time we get to November and I am marathon ready, I am going to be looking fierce, I am buying a short skirt, high heels, getting my hair done and taking my husband out on the town for a very interesting evening. 

All of these little motivators along the way are helping me to get through the to do list and to reach my goal. These things motivate me and push me through my to do list. Similarly, you must find your own set of big and small motivators that  will make you push your way through your own to to do list. The secret to pushing through the to do list is finding little motivators, little bribes to push your way through each item on the to do list and then a bigger motivator to push yourself to complete the list

So the question for this magnificent Monday is, what is going to motivate you through your to do list?

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