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Thinking Things into Existence – Be Specific

Thrilling Thursday- it is thrilling to make plans with specificity and purpose.
Last week in this section we talked about how in order to bring our ideas from thought to completion, our plans must be SMART:
Time Bound
This week we are examining the idea of being specific. Our thoughts strong and with our thoughts we have the power to bring things into existence. One of the first things we must do in our trek toward accomplishment is to have specific goals and plans. Let’s look at the following two illustrations:
1.     I want to get a job.
2.     I want to get a job as an attorney with a major law firm, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specializing in bankruptcy and consumer law paying a salary of $125,000 per year.
It is clear to see that example number on is quite generic and could lead to all kinds of employment offers that may or may not be what one desires.  Similarly example two is quite specific. It is clear and evident by looking at illustration two the type of job wanted, the industry, the specialty and the salary required. Based on illustration two one can take action and get moving toward the goal with comfort and good guidance.
So, when making plans, setting goals and dreaming the dream, be specific. State exactly and with clear details what you want to accomplish. As stated previously, our minds have power and we are able to think things into existence. So in order to harness that power and to get the most from the power of the mind, think in details. State exactly what you want so that you will know, those around you will know, and God above will know. When you are planning and setting goals, this is not the time to be vague. This is the time to be clear, detailed and full of information.
From now on when you make plans, start by being specific, generous with the details, heavy handed with the information so that there is no room for confusion, misinterpretation or lack of understanding. Make your desires and dreams clear. You have to follow your plan, so get all the details out today so you can spend tomorrow working the plan instead of redoing the details. Absolutely sweat the small stuff now, so that tomorrow you can work on the big stuff!
Next week in this space we will look at making our plans measurable.
So the question for you this thrilling Thursday is what specific plans do you have to put into action?