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Thinking Things Into Existence

Our minds have unlimited and unimaginable power that we can use to think into existence the worlds we want. I have heard it said that human beings only use ten percent of our brain’s power. Some people wonder what would happen if we used more. I think it is wonderful what we can accomplish using only ten percent of the brain’s resources. I have always believed anything my mind can conceive, I can achieve. So I set my mind to dreaming big dreams. As a child, I dreamed of being a lawyer, getting married and having children. I achieved all those things. When I did, I began new dreams.

No matter what one wants to accomplish in this life, it starts with a thought, with an idea. Our minds have the ability to imagine the incredible, the unbelievable. So the first step to take in any task is to think, to plan to plot. In thinking of a course of action to take, one must start with an idea, a destination, a place to go. Personally, I am trying to increase my business, develop my client base. That is my starting point, that is my idea, my initial thought. Now, I am not naive, I know that thinking something into existence is a long and drawn out process. Imagining the idea in the first place is only the first part of the journey.
In using the notion of thinking something into existence, we start with the thought, then we have to refine the thought. We need to fully develop all parts of the idea. It is our thoughts that will guide our actions, so our thoughts must be straight and true. We must plan out our entire course so that when we put action to our thoughts our action will be guided by sure and true planning.  Next Thursday we will explore what to do after we come up with an idea.
So the question for you this thrilling day is what are you going to think into existence?