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7 Steps to Take Action Now Even if You Don’t Like It

It is magnificent to take action now and learn how to work with things you do not like. One of the main reasons people do not take action now is because they do not like the things they have to do. In some cases, the dislike is so strong that one avoids acting altogether. A reality of life is that sometimes we have to deal with things, people and situations we do not like. When those times come, you cannot simply sit still and not act, you must take action now and get things done.


  1. Meetings with subordinates to discuss poor performance
  2. Meetings with supervisors to discuss missed deadlines
  3. Meetings with school administrators to discuss problems with our children’s misadventures
  4. Meetings with our spouses to discuss marital difficulties
  5. Meetings with neighbors to discuss problems in the community


All the meetings in the list above should take place, indeed, they need to take place. The fact that each of them concerns an unpleasant topic is immaterial. These meetings must take place and when it is time for one of them to happen, you must take action now, prepare, have the meetings and continue on with life. It may be useful to develop a plan that will help you take action now when the task to be done is one you dislike or find unpleasant.


The following is a 7 step plan to help you do what needs to be done so you can take action now even when the task before you is one you dislike or is unpleasant:
1.     Admit the job must be done or the action must take place
2.     Acknowledge that you dislike the thing to be done or the action that is needed
3.     Do not allow anger to block you from what you must do
4.     Be upset about what must be done, but prepare for it anyway
5.     Realize that as you prepare for you may  dislike the situation even as you take the action needed
6.     Take just a bit of time before you do the action that is needed to allow yourself time to relax and mentally prepare for what is to come

7.     Take action now and do what you set out to do and keep moving forward

Living life as a responsible person means that you show up like a grown-up so that you can get done what needs doing. Children and ostriches may put their heads in the sand and try to hide from problem situations. Responsible grown-ups who want to succeed in life, do not have that liberty. Successful people do not choose that option. Instead, when it comes to dealing with situations you dislike and things you do not want to do, take action now and move forward.


While you may never like certain situations you face, there is satisfaction to be gained when you take action now and do what must be done. It is likely that you will never like whatever it is that you have to do. The situation you are facing may always be unpleasant and therefore you will not like it even after you take action now to accomplish it. That does not matter. You will however always feel good about the decision to take action now and get done what needs to be done in your life.


This post was inspired by the book A Letter to My Cat by Lisa Erspamer. It is a great book about cats that my daughter stole from me as soon as it arrived and has been reading non-stop ever since. Everyone in my family loves our cat. I do not, but I must feed her and care for her a task I dislike. Each time I do, I am reminded that sometimes we must take action now and do things we do not like to do.


In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and learn how to work with things you do not like. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what task that you dislike are you going to take on today?


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