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7/2/12 Magnificent Monday – Motivation and Where to Find It — 2 Comments

  1. @ Chasing Joy – Reading your comment that your motivation comes from a seed planted by your parents is interesting. I have 4 children so I need to step up and do more planting to that all my children have that internal seed you have. I think I have planted it, but I am going to work more to make sure I help that seed grow. Thanks for a good visualization I can use to motivate myself to motivate my children!

    “Outliers” was a good book for me because it showed me things that go into creating success that I had never thought of before.

  2. I think my motivation comes from an internal seed planted by my parents that I should always try my best. Even when I don’t feel like It I know I should push and give it my all. I also will read some books and listen to motivational speakers on occasion. But the desire to seek out and use these resources still stems from that desire to be my best and live my best life.

    I have also read outliers. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked seeing all of the other factors that determine our success in certain areas such as cultural expectations, birthdate, and parenting techniques.

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