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A Love of Reading is Wonderful for a Child

Reading is wonderful. There is something wonderful about a child who loves reading. This is especially true when that child has overcome reading difficulties. This is true even if you use your e-reader.

I never thought being at the market for an extra 10 minutes would make me smile, but reading is wonderful.


I learned to read when I was three years old. One of my favorite memories is opening a brown box of Dr. Seuss books and being able to read “Hop on Pop.” The box also contained, “One Thumb, Two Thumbs,” “The Foot Book” and “To Think That I Saw it On Mulberry Street.” All of those books were my friends and companions for many years to come. “The Foot Book” was such a treasure that I read it to my own children at least a million times.


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Reading is wonderful, but it is not always natural.


Three of my four children took to reading rather easily. I took them from Hooked on Phonics to school books without any major hiccups. One of my daughters had trouble reading. Phonics just was not her friend and she could not get the relationship between phonics and reading. Fortunately, we lived in an amazing school district. They provided all kinds of testing and evaluations to find out exactly why she was having trouble getting the hang of reading. A specialist in reading and writing started working with my little one. After two months of special work, something wonderful happened at the supermarket.


A wonderful surprise.


A few days ago, three of the children and I were picking up a few things at the supermarket. We passed a rotating display with a variety of books. My problem reader saw a book that grabbed her attention. She did something incredible. She picked the book up, read the title and then proceeded to read the entire book aloud to the rest of us.

The book display was in the next to last aisle of the market. This means I had done all my shopping and was ready to go home. But, when my baby picked up that book and began to read, all on her own, I had to stop. I kept myself from crying happy tears. My baby was reading a book. My baby was reading a book. My baby was reading a book!


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It was  10 minutes of my life that I was not planning to spend at the supermarket. But those 10 minutes I will treasure for a lifetime. My baby picked up a book that interested her and read it cover to cover. It was one of the most amazing and incredible things I ever experienced.


My daughter has co-opted my e-reader, but I am happy about it.


I am an e-reader-aholic (yes I made up that word.)  I never leave the house without at least one of my e-readers. When I am at home, it is common for me to have one of my e-readers close by when I am knitting or relaxing. After all, I know that reading is wonderful.

Well, my e-reader may no longer be mine. After the book reading in the supermarket, my daughter came home and asked to read one of the books I downloaded for her on my e-Reader. It is easy to get free books on Kindle devices. I also signed up for Kindle Unlimited which allows me to borrow and download up to 10 books at a time so I always make sure to get books my children would like to read.


Each day since we left the supermarket my daughter has borrowed my e-Reader. First, she read a joke book. Now she is reading the first volume of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” It is impossible to describe the intense joy I felt when she says, “Mom, I am on page 36,” or “Mom, now I am on page 47.” Before bed tonight, she was on page 74. My baby, the one who had trouble reading, was on page 74 of a book! Instead of borrowing me tablet device so she could fall asleep watching a movie on Netflix, she asked to borrow my e-Reader so she could fall asleep reading a book. I asked her if she was ever going to give me back my Kindle. She said she would, she just wanted to borrow it until I got her one of her own.


You get an e-reader and you get an e-reader, everyone gets an e-reader.


I think I am going to surprise my two littlest ones with Kindle devices of their own. I saw an e-Reader, case and two-year warranty for an amazing price.  Life is good in the hood because, my baby reads. My baby chooses to read books! Books are a treasure beyond measure and a love of reading makes many other kinds of love possible. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what do you do to encourage your children to read?


Janeane Davis

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  • I love reading so much, ever since I was a kid. I don't think it's a learned trait, I think it's similar to loving sports. You either do or don't

  • I feel so blessed that both of my kids LOVE reading! Finding what they love to read was key!

  • It is an absolute thrill to see your own baby reading on her own! I can easily associate with your emotions of joy and happiness.
    Giving a gift of love of reading from early age is our one of the most precious gifts.

  • Wow That is a beautiful moment. My niece loves books but she learned to read not until when she was 4.

  • We work on reading every day. This is helpful!

  • Reading is always a beautiful activity for children and grown ups. But it's so beautiful to see a child reading and enjoying it!

  • I get excited when my children show interest in reading. I have always loved books so I love when they want to read too!

  • That sounds like a very well spent 10 minutes at the supermarket. One happy mama!!!

  • This is definitely true. I am so glad that I’ve passed my love of reading on to my kids!

  • Reading at 3 is an amazing accomplishment! My husband and I still read at night to our kids. We mix it up and have them read to us.

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