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“A Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs — 15 Comments

  1. Learning for elders is really a big help. Also getting advise to experienced person is indeed a great way to learn and gain wisdom. Such a great poem to read!

  2. This really great poems. so inspiring. I think life lesson is most important than any thing else.

  3. This is such a nice poem to read and share! The lessons we can get on this poem are really helpful.

  4. I really like how you took a beautiful poem and applied those lessons to entrepreneurs.

  5. There is so much to learn from our elders. That’s a great poem. I will have to share it with the hubs. He is so into those things and history.

  6. Thanks for sharing the poem. The meaning is great and I love it.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem that teaches us so many lessons especially for entrepreneurs.

  8. I always liked Langston Hughes’ poetry. And I agree, it’s so important that we value the wisdom of those older than us. They’ve already learned from their mistakes, and there’s so much value in what they can teach us.

  9. This post is really informative, these lessons are so important for entrepreneurs.

  10. I haven’t read Langston Hughes since high school. I forgot how beautiful the words are.

  11. We can all learn from our elders and no matter how old they are there is always someone they can learn from too. It’s like an endless chain.

  12. These are some wonderful lessons. I think learning from your elders is a big one. They have so much life experience, so listen!

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