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Debt – Get a Healthy Attitude About It — 18 Comments

  1. I like your blog because you teach us to keep debt as low as possible! I don’t want people to be scared of debt, but I want them to check out your blog for ideas to keep it under control.

  2. I’d never thought of seeing Debt as something positive. As a personal finance/frugal blogger, debt is a dirty, nasty word. I’ve never viewed it in a business aspect though. Thanks for explaining it to us.

  3. I really do respect debt, in that I try my best not to have it. Thank you for explaining debt and what is acceptable. It made things a little more clearer for me.

  4. Thanks for stopping by again Tomika! Debt is important, we need to learn to appreciate, understand, control and reduce it.

  5. You are probably hitting lots of nerves with this one. Debt is a part of life that many are comfortable creating but scared about reducing.

  6. Melinda you are so right. We are trying to teach our children to do and be better than we were!

  7. Blogging for money is new to me. When I ran my law practice income each month always exceeded expenses. Things are different as a blogger. I try to keep the expenses low and I am working on getting the income more regular.

  8. When I did my expenses and income for last year, I freaked out a bit since I hadn’t made any income. This year, I’m pushing myself to keep my eye on the income while being more careful about my debt. The income is irregular and the debt happens every month.

  9. Lauryn you put it all very well. It was like reading Dr. Phil! We have to face things in order to deal with them. We cannot let fear paralyze us.

  10. You make a great point. Often times it is difficult to look at debt in a healthy way when you are scared of it. True in even a personal finance way. When you begin to tackle it head on is when progress is made!

  11. Debt is scary. It is important to understand the different mindset regarding personal debt vs. business debt. These are great guidlines for working iwth business debt.

  12. What an interesting series. I am recommending your blog to several friends. Thanks for the info and insights.

  13. Great article since good debt can really help grow your business. And you must KNOW your finances. 🙂

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