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Upgrade Yourself While Between Jobs


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It is wonderful to use your time between jobs to upgrade your skills in preparation for the new job. When people are between jobs, often they take time and evaluate themselves, their skills and their place in the universe. They look at their good points, bad points and areas in need of improvement. If you find yourself unexpectedly between jobs, take the time to evaluate your skills, work habits, and character. Be objective and deep-reaching in your evaluation. This is not to say you should be hard on yourself, but that you should look at yourself and analyze yourself as an outsider would. Find out if there are any areas that are in need of an upgrade. If there are areas in need of an upgrade, then do it, upgrade yourself.

The following is a list of basic areas to check out:

  • typing skills – many jobs require the use of a computer, the faster and more accurately you type, the better you can do the job


  • industry knowledge – there are always advancements, improvements, new players and technology, if you have not kept up, take this time to do so


  • social media platforms – almost every day there are new social media programs, businesses are getting more involved with social media everyday


  • procrastination – if this is a character trait you possess, take this time to learn how to take action when needed, rather than later


  • attitude – if yours is in need of adjustment, take this time off to make the necessary improvements
Once you have these five basics under control, move on to upgrading the thingsyour in-depth self-evaluation has shown you are in need of an upgrade. It is not practical to try to do all your upgrades at once. Do one upgrade at a time, do it completely and with relish! Once you have done one upgrade, cross it off your list and move on to the next item on your list.

It is important to upgrade your skills, work habits, and character while between jobs for several reasons. One of which is that potential employers like to know that a candidate strives for improvement. A second reason is that improved skills, work habits, and character make you a better candidate and better prepares you for the next job. The third, but perhaps most important reason to upgrade your skills, work habits, and character is that as a human being, you should always strive to put your best self forward. You should always look for ways to show the best of yourself to the world.

There are lots of different ways to upgrade yourself.  There are a myriad of ways to get continuing education. The internet is chock full of articles on advice on how and where a person can improve oneself. Your local bookstore and library are treasure troves of information as well. Do not forget to use your social networks to get advice and assistance on the upgrades you desire.

Photo Credit: Janeane Davis, Upgrade Yourself While Between Jobs


In conclusion, it is wonderful to use your time between jobs to upgrade your skills and prepare for the future. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what skills do you have that need an upgrade?

Janeane Davis

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  • I need to work on procrastination :-/ ... This is a great list to do even if you are working...I'll get to it one of these days!

    • Hahahaha you are so funny. I remember a line from "Shawshank Redemption" that was really good: "Get busy living or get busy dying." When you procrastinate one task, you are actually making another choice.

  • One of the best things I ever did was take the time between jobs to start freelancing and writing as much as possible for others. Not only did it keep me on top of my skills, I had lots of samples to show my current employer that looked good at the interview.

  • Right now, I'm working on upping my industry knowledge. Although I have a Journalism degree and years of writing experience, blogging is such a different platform than television reporting. I'm learning a lot through other folks who have been in this biz a lot longer than me and by attending my first conference in October. Oh, btw, so proud of you for knocking this A-Z challenge out the park! My procrastination, or rather tardiness, would not have allowed me to take this on...lol

  • You are right, the time between jobs is ideal for improving skills and going back to school. The time can be used to learn completely different skills to go in a brand new career direction.

  • It is definitely important to stay current in this economy. I see lots of stay at home moms entering the work field unprepared.

  • It's amazing how outdated I feel after being out of the workforce for a few years (to stay home with my kids.) I know I have a lot of "brushing up" to do!

  • With the world changing so quickly, and technology in constant flux, you're absolutely right. Keeping on top of skills and information is nothing but beneficial!

  • What great advice. I spent a very unexpected 6 months unemployed and I made sure I got up at 6am every weekday morning to save myself from being totally unproductive. Sure, I did a lot of pottering about, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.

  • Great tip! Staying up to date and current is absolutely vital! : )

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