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Zeal is Necessary, Be Zealous for Your Children — 7 Comments

  1. It’s amazing that having children made me zealous. Even though I have less sleep, I have more energy and enthusiasm to pursue my passion. I want to reach my goals for my child. I am going to use zeal today to build a legacy for my child’s tomorrows:)

  2. I have noticed that many of the mothers I know who have autistic children are very zealous. I never thought about that until you said it. As a mother dealing with some health care issues with a child now, I see the importance of zealousness in a mother.

  3. Great question. I’ve been putting a few things off because they are scary, but I think I’m going to tackle them today!

  4. I love the big girl panties idea 🙂 Enthusiasm and zeal is contagious, and I try to live my life spreading them both.

  5. “Zeal” is the middle name of me and every other autism mama I know 😉 It IS a really big deal to have and everything you’ve written hear is true for those of us fighting for the rights and inclusion and help for our kids who have special needs!! peace to you 🙂

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