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Act Now to Balance It All – Tips for WAHMs — 16 Comments

  1. I am trying to learn this myself, it is so hard to find balance. With 5 kids, soon 6, homeschooling, taking care of our home and blogging I find it all a juggling act!

  2. That’s a good bunch of thoughts right there. And rescuing yourself seems to be the most authentic way to stay steady. 🙂

  3. Amen to this quote, once more. I know that we have to balance from within and not put so many pressures on ourselves. I am guilty of that from time to time.

  4. That quote is so true. It’s important to remember that most things don’t happen unless we choose to make them happen.

  5. It is definitely NOT easy working at home with little ones running around! Thanks for the tips!

  6. It’s so hard to find balance! I work many hours online…but I always make sure we have family time!

  7. Finding balance is tricky, it took me awhile to figure it out for my work and home life.

  8. I work from home and home school my two youngest kids. I have a hard time balancing because everything is under one roof.

  9. I’ve been working on creating balance in my situation. I am trying to establish work hours to better accommodate the family schedule. Good post.

  10. Balance… wow. That’s a tricky thing right now in our life. I work at home and go to school part time as does my hubby so we fight like hell to balance our family time so we can keep the “fires” burning and making sure we keep things in perspective.

  11. I feel blessed to be a WAHM especially s i have a teenager and I get to spend what little time I have left with him before college.

  12. It’s a hard thing for sure. I became a full-time WAHM within the last year, and it gets complicated easily. Balance is key.

  13. Good article. And that poem from the first page resonated with me as well. Self-reliance is a great thing, but one also needs to create a balance with that as well, as sometimes a tiny bit of help could have a tremendous benefit. Thanks for posting

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