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Adjust Your Plans As You Go When Looking for Work


It is wonderful to find work that makes you self-sufficient, just be sure to adjust your plans as you go.

Most people who work, work in order to obtain a paycheck. Work that enables one to be self-sufficient is a blessing. If you find yourself unexpectedly out of work as an employee or between jobs as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you must find a balancing point between keeping on track and adjusting plans as necessary.  The ability to adjust quickly and while on the move is often the difference between a woman who finds work that enables her to be self-sufficient and one who does not.

When one is self-sufficient she is able to provide for her own need without help from others. If a woman’s goal in seeking employment is to be self-sufficient, she must be flexible. There are quite a few things that can happen between starting a job search and actually finding a job or assignment: One change that can occur is that a competitor of the target company may go out of business or downsize. If this happens, there will be more people looking for the same type of work. This increase in job seekers will make it more difficult for a person to get work as an employee or as a freelancer.

Another change that can affect the job search is the loss of job of a spouse. When two people in a family work, if one person becomes unexpectedly unemployed it is hard on the family, but it may be manageable. However, if a person’s spouse becomes unemployed while the other spouse is looking for work, things change in a major way. Jobs and assignments that previously were unattractive or unappealing may change in appearance as work of any kind becomes precious and more important to obtain. Other changes that affect the search for work to enable one to be self-sufficient a change in the health of a family member. No matter what, it is important to be able to adjust plans as one goes along the job search.

Flexibility is a beautiful thing. When big storms come, large, beautiful and strong oak trees break under the pressure because they are unable to adjust to the wind and rain. On the other hand, willow trees bow bend and maneuver in the wind and the rain. As a result, when the storms end, the willow still stands. It is important for people looking for work as an employee, entrepreneur or freelancer must be able to bend and move with the winds that come. 

Plans should be kept flexible and fluid so that adjustments can be made as needed. Flexibility is a key to success in the search for jobs and employment. In conclusion, it is wonderful to find work that makes you self-sufficient, just be sure to adjust your plans as you go. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, do you adjust your plans to fit life or leave them set in stone?


Janeane Davis

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  • It's very important to stay flexible. You never know what might happen.

  • These are some great tips to adjust your plans. I believe we have to constantly be adaptable and open-minded in all areas of life for maximum happiness and success.

  • I think being fluid in your ideas and wants whatever you are doing is a good thing, however it can be hard to get into the mind frame to allow it.

  • Great suggestions. Sometimes I forget I need to bend a bit.

  • These are some great things to keep in mind. I always go in being as flexible as I can.

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