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Advocate for Your Children – My Book Tells You How — 39 Comments

  1. This is so important! I was a young mom and it took me years to fully understand that I am my kids number one advocate!

  2. I’ve never understood parents who think their responsibilities end when their kids head off to school. I grew up with parents who advocated for me and I do same for my children…

  3. I always advocate for my kids. I have a child who is autistic so he needs me a lot more than the others and if I hadn’t advocated for him, he wouldn’t be getting the services he needs.

  4. YES!!!!! Our kids must learn the right way to stand up for themselves in situations. We cannot always be there and sometimes, they must act on the spot.

  5. Our children always need us, no matter how old they get. There is nothing like a mama’s love or a mama’s fight for her children.

  6. I love that you added teaching children to advocate for themselves. While I can and will do everything I can when I can, there may be times I can’t. They have to learn and I agree the younger the better. There is a difference between being flipant/backtalk and explaining or defending. All kids should have a right to learn to “debate”

  7. This sounds like a great book. Congrats on publishing your book. I am still a advocate for my kids and they are grown.

  8. Nobody will fight for them like a parent will. We all want the best for our kids.

  9. I 100% believe that it is our job to be our children’s biggest advocates!

  10. I’m a true believer in that if I don’t advocate for my kids no one will.

  11. I was an advocate for my boys with the public school system for a long long time. Finally I ended up pulling them out and have been homeschooling them for a few years now. It is important to take matters in your own hands and do what you feel is best for your kids in every situation.

  12. I am looking forward to writing more and to having conversations with parents about advocating for our children.

  13. It is hard finding the correct balance between teaching our children to advocate for themselves and advocating for themselves.

  14. Yes!!!!! I look at my kids’ work, done by grade school kids and I see other kids turn in work that looks like it was done by someone with a post-doctorate in physics. It is sad. There is a difference between helping a child and doing something for a child.

  15. Yes, if we start teaching them to advocate for themselves when they are young, they will be able to do it all their lives.

  16. That is one of the most humbling things to me about being a mom. SO often my children ask questions or for me to do something and I just pull it out of the air and make it work. They don’t know but are just impressed that I got done what they wanted or found the answer they wanted.

  17. This sounds like a great series and I am looking forward to reading the following posts from you. Your book sounds like something every parent needs to read!

  18. This sounds like a great book. We always want to do the best for our children, but sometimes we don’t know how. This looks like it could be a major help.

  19. i agree, too many people tell me that I should allow my kids speak up for themselves and maybe i should but as their mom it is my job to protect them. What a great post!

  20. What an important roll we call all share and get involved in.
    Even if you don’t have kids of your own there are so many around us that need that extra support!
    Great post!

  21. I try to stay very involved in my son’s education. I’m always there to help him with anything he needs, and I’m also always there staying on top of making sure I get all the paperwork he supposed to give to me.

  22. i liked what you said about advocating for our children when they are young. i LOVED what you said about teaching them to advocate for themselves. that’s our job for sure!

  23. It’s SO important for parents to advocate for our children and in some cases, all children. There are parents out there who do take the role of advocate lightly and it’s such a shame. Going to look into your book, Janeane!

  24. This is so true!! I remember being little and turning to my mom for everything. I thought she had the most amazing things to say and was always so impressed when she would take action to fix a situation. Looking back now I’m sure there were times when she had no idea how to help me but she was always so good at being there, I never noticed. – Katy

  25. I think that’s probably the most important job a parent has: to be an advocate for their children.

  26. I don’t have kids, but I certainly believe in advocating for any family member in need. I’d do pretty much anything for my family members.

  27. I would literally do anything for my boys.

  28. I guess this book will be helpful for mothers parents like me. thank you for sharing!

  29. Yes, all parents need to learn how to advocate for their children. If we don’t their needs will be ignored while the power players get attention and help for their children.

  30. sounds like an interesting read. I know some moms on the PTA who would say they don’t even need that book!

  31. This is so true! My children are in special ed, and I advocate for them everyday. I get so aggravated when I see parents just sit back and let their kids fall through the cracks, then complain the school isn’t giving them what they need. Parents need to advocate, need be a strong voice in every aspect of their child’s life.

  32. Very well said and yes, it is an important role that every Mom should know how to do and handle.

  33. I don’t have children yet but I feel like it’s important to advocate for all your loved ones. You can bet that I would absolutely advocate for my children, it’s so important for children to know that they are supported and someone will always be there to encourage them.

  34. Sounds like a Must Read for me. Being a foster mum I am faced with a lot of “fighting” for our kids.

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