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Advocate for Your Children – My Book Tells You How

It is sensational to know that you can advocate for your children and to get the tools to do it. Before I began working as a writer and a blogger I worked as an attorney. It was wonderful work. I loved fighting for my clients, doing all I could to help them achieve their goals. I took my role as an advocate for others seriously. So, it was only natural that I see one of my primary roles as a mother to be an advocate for my children.
Each day I am called upon to advocate for my children in a variety of circumstances. These circumstances range from things as simple as getting the exact toy a child wants from the toy store to making sure my daughter gets the opportunities she wants at college. That range of experiences is common to mothers the world over. At the same time, there are other areas where a mother must be an advocate for her children.

This is not a role you should take lightly. As an advocate for your children you must work to help your children achieve their goals. When your children are young, that means you advocate for their interests at school. As they age, you must teach your children to advocate for themselves. This is important because children who learn to advocate for themselves as children are more successful advocating for themselves when they become adults.
I feel so strongly about the importance of parents advocating for their children that I wrote a book. My book, How to Advocate for Your Children to Succeed,” is available as an e-book on Amazon. The paper version will be available shortly. Over the course of the next few weeks, a different section of the book will be explored and discussed so that you can become a good advocate for your children. If you cannot wait for the series of articles, click the link above and purchase a copy of my book and read it for yourself.
Some of the topics that will be explored in upcoming weeks include:
1. What it means to be an advocate
2. How to advocate for your children
3. How to gather a team to advocate for your children
4.  How to teach your children to advocate for themselves

In conclusion, it is  sensational to know that you can advocate for your children and to get the tools to do it. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what are you willing to do to help your children be all they can be?

Janeane Davis

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  • This is so important! I was a young mom and it took me years to fully understand that I am my kids number one advocate!

  • I've never understood parents who think their responsibilities end when their kids head off to school. I grew up with parents who advocated for me and I do same for my children...

  • I will have to check your book out. It sounds like a good read.

  • I always advocate for my kids. I have a child who is autistic so he needs me a lot more than the others and if I hadn't advocated for him, he wouldn't be getting the services he needs.

  • I love that you added teaching children to advocate for themselves. While I can and will do everything I can when I can, there may be times I can't. They have to learn and I agree the younger the better. There is a difference between being flipant/backtalk and explaining or defending. All kids should have a right to learn to "debate"

    • YES!!!!! Our kids must learn the right way to stand up for themselves in situations. We cannot always be there and sometimes, they must act on the spot.

  • This sounds like a great book. Congrats on publishing your book. I am still a advocate for my kids and they are grown.

    • Our children always need us, no matter how old they get. There is nothing like a mama's love or a mama's fight for her children.

  • Nobody will fight for them like a parent will. We all want the best for our kids.

  • I 100% believe that it is our job to be our children's biggest advocates!

  • I'm a true believer in that if I don't advocate for my kids no one will.

  • I was an advocate for my boys with the public school system for a long long time. Finally I ended up pulling them out and have been homeschooling them for a few years now. It is important to take matters in your own hands and do what you feel is best for your kids in every situation.

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