• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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It is Always Time to Start Again

take action now with a new attitudeIt is magnificent to take action now with a new attitude.

At the beginning of each year, everyone makes lists of new things they will accomplish and all kinds of great and wonderful achievements they will complete by the end of the year. By February of each year, the vast majority of those resolutions are abandoned by people who lacked the one thing they needed more than anything else in order to achieve those resolutions – the right mental attitude. I really like the phrase “right mental attitude.” I first heard it when I read the book, “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.” The right mental attitude is an attitude of success and accomplishment. There is a lot of difference between the wrong mental attitude and the right mental attitude including the following:
Wrong Mental Attitude
  • maybe I will succeed at what I attempt
  • if I do my best it doesn’t matter if I reach my goal or not
  • I should make a lot of plans and be satisfied if I get a lot of them done


Right Mental Attitude
  • I will succeed at something if I set my mind to it
  • if I do my best and work smart instead of merely hard, I will reach my goal
  • I should succeed at all I attempt because I have properly planned my course of action


There is no reason why you have to wait for January in order to get the mental attitude you need to succeed. Start now and make the world what you want it to be.Don’t just think about what is the right mental attitude. Instead, write it down in your favorite journal or using your favorite electronic device. Write it down because when a thing is in writing it can be verified, relied upon, and referred to on whenever needed. /

After you write down the right mental attitude, write down the steps you need in order to get that attitude. Once that is done, start doing the work to get your mind right. This may all seem scary or unnecessary, but it is important. When your mind is where it should be, your body can follow. This means that when your mind is where it should be, it is easier for you to take action now and do what you need to do to accomplish anything you want.

There is nothing more important when you are taking action now than the right mental attitude. So the question for you this magnificent day is do you have an attitude designed for success?