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Amwell Let’s You Bring the Doctor to You! — 17 Comments

  1. Exceptional service indeed! I used it last week while on vacation with pink eyes. They diagnosed me immediately and prescribed some powerful drops that by the time I got home, I was cured!

  2. I have used Amwell in the past and it works great. No more late night trips to the er for an earache.

  3. It’s such a cool new way to get in touch with medical advice quickly. I love it for traveling!

  4. I think this service is the best idea. I have not tried it yet though!

  5. I’ve never tried this type of service, but I have had to drag three kids to an urgent care center by myself. Amwell sounds like heaven!

  6. This is such a great service. I have used it a few different times and it makes life much easier and really speeds up the process.

  7. This would be such a great service for parents with small children! It is so convenient to be able to schedule an appointment in the comfort of your home! And no need to sit in a waiting room filled with germs!

  8. Amwell sounds like a great service. With cold and flu season coming I am sure we will get to try them soon.

  9. WOW! This may come in handy for me. With kids I hate taking them in during cold and flu season. This would be perfect for dealing with small stuff without sitting in the germ filled waiting room.

  10. I have never used Amwell myself but have heard such great things. It looks like such an amazing service.

  11. I love Amwell. It’s great that you can talk to a doctor from home. It’s nice to have this for when you can’t really get to a doctor in person.

  12. Does this mean doctors get to work from home to just advising people on things to do and write prescriptions at home?! That would be awesome for them.

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