At Work -Do Not Play Around
All play and no work makes Jane unemployed.


When you go to work it is important that you actually work and not play around. Everyone has heard a variation of the statement above. Most people have heard that “All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.” It is true that too much work is not a good thing. But it is also true that if you play too much while on the job, you will find yourself without a job. You must never forget that no matter what else your job, is, it is a place where work is supposed to be done.

There are many reasons why a person goes to work. In fact. there are as many reasons as there are people who work. Take a moment to think about why you are working on your current job.  Is your reason for working this job different from the reason why you worked on your first job?


Some of the reasons people work include:


  • To gain experience for a future job
  • In order to pay bills
  • To explore an area of interest
  • Desire to work near friends or family
  • To help another achieve their entrepreneurial dreams



No matter what the reason is that a person works and no matter what kind of work a person does there is one thing owed to the employer. The one thing owed is a duty to work. When you show up at your job each day, you have a duty to put forth your best efforts and to work.


On the surface, it sounds like a simple concept. When you go to work, you have a duty to work. You have a duty to put forth your best efforts and to do your job to the best of your ability. However, it is far from simple when it comes to carrying out that duty in the real world. There are many times when an employee feels as if she should not put forth her best efforts at work. A few reasons for this idea include the following:


  • You have a bad boss
  • There are horrible co-workers
  • Employee has been given notice that you are leaving the job
  • You received notice you are being laid off
  • The company has been purchased by another company
  • You hate your job


These situations are demeaning and demoralizing. They will make it difficult for people to come to work with a smile each day. In fact, some of those things listed may make it impossible. However, no matter what the situation, when it comes to work, you must show up and actually work. This means that social media usage, personal phone calls, and non-work related activities must be kept to a minimum.


When you say that when it comes to work, don’t play around, it means more than just showing up and doing your job. It means that you must do your best, you must put forth your best efforts every day at all you do. This is a duty you owe to your employer. More importantly, it is a duty that you owe to yourself.


It is easy to get into the habit of doing just enough to get by. It is easy to get into the habit doing just enough to keep from getting fired. That type of behavior is dangerous. Once you are used to doing the bare minimum to get by in one area of life, it is easy to slip into that behavior in other areas. If you are not careful, in a relatively short time you can stop from being a person with careful, diligent, and excellent behavior and work habits. The road to mediocrity is easy to slip into and hard to get away from.

It is important to remember that when you go to work, you should work and not play around. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what kind of worker are you?