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Back to College with Lowest Price Unlimited Plans from Walmart Family Mobile #Phones4School — 27 Comments

  1. I love how well this plan works for your family! We’re definitely considering it once my son is old enough for his own phone.

  2. This was so sweet…Someday my lil’ guy will go off to college and leave his little sister here. I must make sure they keep in touch regularly!

  3. Thank goodness the oldest in the house isn’t hitting college for another 6 years. (I used to have a Nokia phone and loved it though.) 😀

  4. This sounds like a great family phone plan. We’ll definitely look into it further.

  5. I wish sometimes we had tmoible service here so I could easily cancel the kids phones when they have pushed their boundaries one too many times. Being stuck in a contract can be tiresome with kids.

  6. This is the exact plan I have after a lot of shopping around. I’ve been using it for about a year now and have been very happy with it.

  7. This phone and service sounds like a great option especially if you’re not looking to add a child to your current plan. I love that plan offers unlimited talk, text and data/web!

  8. It really is affordable and we are all giving that unlimited data/web option a workout every month. The college girl uses 20 GB of data by herself!

  9. It is great that the plan makes it possible for them to stay in touch easily. I didn’t realize how much they loved each other until she went away and heard them all talk about each other and the love they feel.

  10. My son needs a phone and I like that I can get him unlimited talk and text for only $20 more than I am paying now.

  11. My older boys have been begging for phones for so long. I am about to give in, and this looks like a great and affordable option for families.

  12. I really need to consider this…and soon! My preteen is desperate for a phone and I keep pushing it off saying it’s too expensive. Seriously, this is a really reasonable plan and price! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  13. I love how this helps them stay in touch with their big sis. The Walmart plan is so affordable!

  14. I am still under contract with Sprint and it’ll be a while before we’re done but it’s good to know about this. Maybe my 9 year old when he’s 10 can get one instead of me adding him to my Sprint family plan.

  15. I’ve always considered the Walmart Mobile options. We live in a small town though so sometimes our options can be limited.

  16. This is so good to know. I am under contract currently, but definitely something to look into when my contract is up.

  17. The unlimited data and Netflix has saved my sanity with my twins more times than I can count!

  18. I loved this post and I am really curious about this Nokia phone. My family is turning into a Family mobile phone FAM as well!! You can’t beat the unlimited data plan!!!

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