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Balance – How Committed Are You to Balancing Work and Home?


At the same time, when children are ill, have school events,  or are simply adorable, is tempting to blow off work and spend all your time doing things with your children. Similarly, if your spouse is as handsome and charming as mine, it is very tempting to blow off work and spend every waking hour enjoying him!

When you create a schedule, you must keep it. In order to balance your obligations at work and home, you must stick to the schedule. Of course, it is tempting to ignore the schedule. It is tempting to just wing it each day. After all, it is fun to be carefree and just work totally free of spirit, schedule, and plan. However, working the schedule you create is an important part of realistically balancing your obligations at work and home. The bottom line is simple, when you create a schedule, stick to it.

I cut myself a break when things got messed up from time to time.


Even with my wonderful schedule and my knowledge about the importance of schedules, sometimes I mess up. Sometimes, I work through the entire day and leave dinner and homework all to my husband without helping at all. Our normal routine is to work together to get the homework, dinner, and prep for the next day done. But, sometimes for a variety of reasons, I ended up working for the entire day and doing nothing of significance for my family. On other occasions, I ignored work and spent all day doing things with my family. Sometimes this means deadlines were pushed. Sometimes this means that I will be pulling all-nighters to catch up like when I was a college student. No matter what the case, no matter which side of the aisle I didn’t balance things properly for, I cut myself a break.

I don’t spend any time beating myself up for messing up my balancing act. When my attempts at balance fail, I brush off the mistake and keep it moving. The bottom line in it all is that I am committed to finding and living a workable balance between my life at work and home. I put my money aka my actions where my mouth is and work to balance the various roles I play.

Take a look at your life today. Is there an area where your commitment is weak? What are you going to do to make sure your commitment is clear to see?

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Janeane Davis

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  • Really valid points. Balance can be a struggle, but I am getting better.

  • Finding the right balance between your work and home life can be so tricky. When you work from home it can be so hard to stop working.

  • I have to set an alarm to remind me to turn off all my devices. It is so easy to get caught up in your work when you work from home.

  • I have a schedule during the week that really works for me. The weekends I try to use for time off and to spend with family. I need to get myself a calendar because I think it would help get things more organized.

  • If it wasn't for my calendar I would be lost - I am constantly adding to it. I am always on the run so trying to cut down and focus on what matters.

  • It can be such a challenge to find a schedule that works for the whole family. Sometimes I have to step back and rearrange my time more often than I would like because life is always changing. Luckily with working from home I find I can be more flexible.

  • I think I have some balance in my daily life, but sadly work does take most of my day. I need to find a way to work smarter and not harder.

  • If I want to get any significant work done I usually leave the house. I get so distracted by everything that it's the only way I can get what I need done. I can get a week's worth of stuff done in a few hours.

  • I find it so hard to balance, especially my calendar anymore. It's tough.... but I will work on it asap, I need to before I miss deadlines.

  • I am obviously not committed to balance at all, because I have non. I work all the time.

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