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Balance – If You Can Do It, Share Your Secret — 50 Comments

  1. Balance is a hard thing. I just give it my best shot everyday. That includes making schedules that I try to stick to but some days are definitely more go with the flow!

  2. i like sharing my wisdom. i’m not an expert in anything but i know a thing or two about a thing or two

  3. I really need to work on making schedules. I have so much going on it is hard to keep track.

  4. I am terrible at making schedules. I never actually stick to them.. that’s probably why I waste so much time in a day. I need to get better at making them and sticking to them!

  5. These are great tips. We use a calendar to keep track of things and make sure we find that balance.

  6. Great tips! Schedules are so important. I start my day with a to-do list and I try really hard to keep to it.

  7. Balance is something that you have to work on every single day. I work from home, and if I’m not careful my work bleeds into my home life.

  8. Balance is what I am struggling with right now. Finding the time to get caught to start balancing is really the issue for me.

  9. I am struggling with this right now. I like the idea of sharing my schedule with others, especially so they can help hold me accountable when I don’t stop working. Thank you for this!

  10. I think to have a balanced life you must also have a somewhat organized life. Clutter and disorganization does not allow one to really truly be balanced. I do think you have to learn to give up the things that really just don’t matter or at least do them less frequently.

  11. I wish I could find balance and have something to share! I would say it’s a learning process that doesn’t happen overnight!

  12. I am definitely open to sharing any tips/tricks I have learned. However, the balance thing is still a fine line and usually results in less sleep!

  13. I just watched an episode on tb where the mom scheduled “office hours” so her kids wouldn’t bug her all day long! It is so hard to have a schedule and have your family respect it.

  14. No secrets here. I prefer to try to be balanced but still remain flexible. It’s a full life and I like it.

  15. It can be challenging to find a good balance. You have to work at it. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  16. Balance is so hard!! It is especially hard when what you need to do keeps changing!

  17. I definitely don’t have a secret to share because my life is pretty unbalanced! Everything is about my daughter and I have barely any time to myself.

  18. I wish I had the secret. I have a hard time balancing it all because I homeschool and work from home.

  19. It seems like I have a lot of irons in the fire these days. A little balance sounds great. I find that being organized make me feel better about my load.

  20. I need to get more structure in my days. There has to be a balance between the chaos and strict schedule that I crave.

  21. I have a very strict schedule, and I try my best to stick to it. A good schedule is also very important for children. Great article, so happy your shared your secrets.

  22. I need to not answer impulsively and check our calendar too. That’s the best advice I’ve heard in a really long time

  23. The part where you said don’t accept anything until you check the schedule. That is something I need to do!

  24. I so need to do this. I admit that I face the day as it comes. Therefore, I have more chaos than is necessary. I even have a great tag board that will work perfectly for your scheduling idea.

  25. Good ness! I need more of that! I am getting better than I was about a year ago when my studio was like 30 miles from home

  26. I talk about balance a lot – It’s hard to have that middle ground sometimes..especially when it comes to dealing with children!

  27. My problem is that I definitely take too much on and underestimate how long everything will take. :/

  28. I couldn’t agree with you more! Finding that balance is VERY important so no area lacks. I’ve found that to be very true, since I started blogging full time. I often found myself working long after my husband came home from work and even after he’d gone to bed. Now, my time is split. After 5-6pm, I call my working day DONE.

  29. Thanks for these tips. I need to start using a schedule so I would stop being so overwhelmed! My life has been crazy busy!

  30. I actually don’t keep a SCHEDULE, I keep a calendar. I nearly never sit still, am always motivated to get it done NOW or don’t bother. That way, I never fall behind.

  31. Sharing your expertise with others is awesome, as long as they want to hear it. 😀

  32. I’ve been working on my rough draft schedule now. I wrote in a blank calendar all the things that are structured, like work, date night, volunteering days at the church and I have created a detailed daily chart of the items I can tackle in the time I have free. It is a work in progress and I am working on having my boyfriend be aware of both of our schedules as we find ourselves attending more and more events together. We often find ourselves splitting up to go to events as we are both booked. I’d like to get more balance now before I’m officially married and the kids arrive :/ Pray for me lol

    I always look at my best friend and I wonder how she does it. Magic indeed.

  33. I like your discipline. I think more people would be happier if they could live in the moment and give 100% focus to the current task.

  34. I like the way you make your schedule fit your real life and your daughter’s schedule. That is smart planning.

  35. I like the idea of flying by the seat of my yoga pants on occasion. Perhaps one day I will be able to do it more often, but I am not there yet.

  36. I am learning with balance that the main thing that keeps me from balancing things is me. Others follow my lead so I must lead better.

  37. I’m learning balance. I’ve been very specific about when I’m working and when I’m not, and pushing myself to be better about letting others know. I still have a ways to go, though, and these tips will certainly help!

  38. I’ve learned there really is no true thing as balance, at least not at all times. Be present in what you are doing, focus on it 100%, then when it is time to move on leave it behind and give the next thing all of your attention. And a good old fashioned master calendar hanging in the kitchen does wonders for me.

  39. Schedule? I try… but life doesn’t always let you stick to a schedule. Sometimes it’s liberating to just throw it out the window and fly by the seat of your pants. 🙂

  40. I think you are right if people are thinking of balance spending time evenly among every area of life. There is always an area that needs more attention. And yes, ditch the guilt.

  41. This is exactly what I do. (Good to know that I’m on the right path.) I keep my schedule in a good old excel file so I can delete, add and move around items as needed.

  42. I struggle with this but find it easier when I do the schedule thing. I know I need to set limits in my life. Just like I let my daughter watch 1 TV show in the morning, I give myself 20 minutes on the computer – knowing when her show is over I’ll be done too!

  43. I’ve learned a few things about balance: 1. It’s a daily quest, so don’t get caught up. 2. Focus on whatever mode you’re in – that means, if you’re with your kids DON’T think about work, and vice versa. 3. Find the times when YOU’RE productive. As a writer, there’s certain times of day I just don’t have the juice to write (like mornings), and I waste time. If I write at optimal times, I get more done in less time, and it’s higher quality too.

  44. I think balance is a myth. As long as you’re happy in life and not feeling overwhelmed, ditch the guilt!

  45. You always have some great advice over here : ). I couldn’t get by without a schedule. So thankful for that tool! Happy Friday Janeane.

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