The balancing ideas listed here are things that work well for me and for the mothers in my circle. Rest assured that the advice and ideas shared here are only one way of doing things. There are as many ways to balance life as there are people who want to balance life. In many ways, balancing life, work and home is like a magic act. To those looking in from the outside, it can seem like impossible trick. However, the woman doing the balancing knows where all the ropes, wires, support and mirrors are located. She understands that balance only happens when everyone on the team is in on the balancing act. The woman who is living in balance is happier, more fulfilled and is working more efficiently at home and at work. If there is a woman in your circle that seems o be balancing it all, congratulate her on looking like she has it all going on and ask her how she does it.



balance and share the secret



On a similar note, once you get a handle on balancing life, share it with those in your circle. Don’t keep the secret to yourself, share with someone else. In conclusion, if you learn a secret to balancing home and work, share it! So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what life-altering secret are you going to share with those in your circle?