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Balancing Home and Work: Compliment Others for Succeeding — 21 Comments

  1. In ,my high school computer class, they taught us GIGO aka garbage in/garbage out. We should give out genuine, kind support, because we want to receive it.

  2. One key part of what you said, is just thatLyou are human. As human beings we are social creatures and the approval of our peers matters to us! The second key is that we should have to give out authentic compliments. Real compliments, real good words matter and are treasures.

  3. I tend to be sarcastic so I am working on that by remember to say to myself, “May my words be soft and sweet for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”

  4. Hello Heather! You are such an inspiring and generous person. Make sure to give your wonderful husband some compliments to thank him for the great job he does as a mate.

  5. I am sure your neighbor appreciates your compliments and they may help her to keep going when things get hard!

  6. That is a great reminder of how we get back what we send out into the world. Complimenting others can also serve as a reminder to them to support each other in all we do.
    Great job! And the photo is perfect!

  7. I definitely need compliments. I used to think I could run on the feeling of self sufficiency, but…I’m human. I like feeling appreciated. Because of that, I give out at least 100 authentic compliments each day (not joking). It can be just the thing to keep someone going.

  8. Good advice – we all should compliment our Mom friends for the amazing work they do! Janeane, Keep up the good work!

  9. Balance is hard, and actually when I find balance, I start looking for the next big thing. But I do strive for it! When we compliment and support each other and lift each other up, it lifts ALL of us up. 😉

  10. Great post – we all need a reminder sometimes to encourage each other in finding our “groove” in everything we try to do. What seems difficult to one person might be super easy for someone else.

  11. I hope I can be better about the words I choose to say. Thanks for this!

  12. Great reminder to encourage one another, Janeane. I definitely am feeling the toughness of balancing life. Thankful for a great husband who isn’t afraid to help with housework and kids’ schooling.

  13. Barb, I check out your Motivation Monday every week and really like it. I am so honored you think this is worthy of your list! I agree balance is different for everyone and you need to know your place in the universe to balance things out.

  14. Thanks for the compliment. My balancing act is crazy right now for a few reasons, but I am trying. I will quote you and tell my family I am amazing. Let’s see if it get me anything good out of these people.

  15. Jeanette Bezinque, thank you!! You have made my day. I appreciate the compliment. I have been coming to your blog a few times a week and I like what I learn there. You make it fun and not stressful to be more aware of my impact on the world around me.

  16. Great post. I recently let my neighbor/friend know that her cheery attitude always makes my day brighter. I know she isn’t happy all the the time, but her positive attitude certainly helps turn spilled milk, running late and temper tantrums around. Compliments are nice to hear as well as to share!

  17. I say to my best friend all the time that I think she is super woman. Also that I hope when I become I mom my super powers will kick in. I am not a wife or a mom and I can barely keep my balls balanced never mind adding in more. I agree give the compliments. They really do go a long way!

  18. Thanks for sharing this. It’s definitely not always easy to find and keep the balance but when you know what you want and you work hard I definitely think it’s possible.

  19. Great post! I think balance is possible, and it looks different for every mom and family. IMHO, if we define our core values and make decisions in alignment with those core values, it’s much easier to get our lives into balance.

    Shameless plug! We NEED you to link this fabulous post up to Motivation Monday!

  20. Seriously I don’t know ANY woman who isn’t doing a great job balancing right now! She probably doesn’t know it either. For sure, Janeane, you are – you’re amazing!

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