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The Basics of Strategic Thinking – Anticipation — 24 Comments

  1. We need more strategic thinkers in the business than people just seeing one side of the coin.

  2. Being able to anticipate is a great skill. I’m working on it. I’m definitely working on it!

  3. Depending on how familiar you are with what you’re trying to tackle, you can figure out what are the things that can happen. If not then its good to know people who have or are working on the same goal so you can get guidance.

  4. Strategic thinking involves a lot of critical thinking too. I use anticipation with panic sometimes. lol! Not very healthy, maybe but I can stress myself out quite well just thinking about having to be calm 🙂

  5. I’ver never heard specifically of strategic thinking before, but love the concept. It’s so crucial to getting things done, and done well. – Katy

  6. I love the idea of strategic thinking…but never been able to pull it off properly! Loving the post, and can’t wait to read the rest!

  7. I try to anticipate but I’m not sure I quite go as far as 3 steps ahead. This is great advice which I will try hard to implement.

  8. thank you for the encouragement – I so need to put this into play!

  9. I love anticipation. It’s often the best part of anything. I’m not so good at interpreting sometimes.

  10. I always anticipate the worst case scenario. I should really anticipate all the possible outcomes instead.

  11. Great Advice I Always Say What Is The Worst Case Or Best Case Scenerio In My Head!

  12. If I can anticipate a plan, I can set goals and make additional goals. Plus I can plan if things don’t work out they way I originally thought!

  13. I need to practice this, I think. I tend to react to what’s happening now rather than anticipate. Thanks for the boost!

  14. I try to always have a plan of action,and thinking ahead makes that possible.

  15. I always like to anticipate things that could happen and plan for all outcomes. I am a total think ahead of the game type of person.

  16. I like this segment. Thinking two or three steps ahead after you have assessed what is happening right in front of you is the important step. It’s the part of setting goals and objectives that makes all the difference in accomplishing major or minor moves. Good stuff.

  17. It is always a great idea to look ahead to help plan out what your next move will be!

  18. I can’t imagine not looking forward in life!! How can you get anything accomplished?

  19. This is a great way to think about things. It is such a smart way to go about things. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Great explanation. Wonderful and informative post!

  21. So true – being able to look forward is key!! Great post!

  22. I have even been working on strategic thinking with my kids, too. I think it’s never too young to learn.

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